Curious Map

Ok I’m just really curious, what place am I looking at on this map?

— Alan

I get a blank page.

This might work…

— Alan

What this is this?

Oh never mind.

— Alan

It’s Antarctica. Duh.

You realize that you’re now obligated to work this out, right?


This is probably the link you wanted.


Yeah that’s it.

— Alan

Oh, that’s the Russian Mars colony. That’s old though, from maybe '02? It’s much more developed now.

Even more curious, where’d this question come from?

Random google flailing from the name of the JPG says it might be a town in the Ukraine called Dubov’yazivka, but who knows.

It’s a map of Dubovka. 52 km from Volgograd it is. And it’s a list of bus stop addresses.

I see two heads. No wait… It’s a vase.

And people say there’s no excitement in the field of historical cartography…

Izvinitye. Yanipanimayo baruski. Yapanimayo pangkliske!

K sozhaleniyu dyen rozhdeniya tol’ko raz v godu!

I found it in a vertical banner ad for an image/file hosting service (Mediahump); the ad draws from a selection of random images stored in the service.

— Alan