Current state of the art: Chromecast 2 vs. Amazon Fire Stick vs. Amazon FireTV?


Its 20 hrs!? …


And you probably can’t skip commercials, which defeats the whole purpose of using a DVR. Advertisers love this shift from Cable/Sat to streaming.


As expected, the YouTube app disappeared from Fire TV over New Year’s. But exactly as @stusser said, all I had to do was load Firefox instead and load up YouTube. Boom, functionality restored. I suppose Google got some press from their app removal announcement, but that appears to be the only real effect.


I recommend sideloading this app instead. It also blocks their ads, because fuck them.


I have the $35 CAD (promo from $50 regular) most basic Fire TV stick. Is there any way to sideload a Youtube app?


Yes, sideload the app I linked in January. Use Xplore to install it off a USB stick or SMB share, or use Silk/Firefox to download and install it directly from the site.


Amazon page listing for X-plore says it’s incompatible with the Fire TV stick. I’ll try from the Firefox browser.


Oh, the CV thing?


Yeah, not sure why that shows as his CV in Discourse. But yes.


Amazon provides a YouTube app, why sideload?


Not since Youtube withdrew it in their current spat with Amazon.


The one based on Firefox/Silk appears to work fine now. Think I’m missing something here.


I don’t blame Google at all. Amazon is refusing to sell what, every Google hardware product at this point to favor their own products?


Does it? It popped up a little mouse pointer last time I looked at it, before I retired my FireTV in favor of just putting ShieldTVs everywhere. Does it have the new YouTube TV UI?

Anyway, the app I linked also blocks most ads.


Jump in here with a FWIW: After using Chromecast and Chromecast 2 for a long time, and trying Amazon Fire, I’ve settled on the Roku system (Roku Ultra to be specific.) I miss being able to “cast” things directly from my phone like I could with Chromecast, but I’ve found it to be faster, less buffering, and we actually use a lot of the apps on it quite a bit more than we expected we would.

I’m not saying it’s the “best” just the one we settled on after trying the others for a couple of years.


Which Roku device?


I’m using the Roku Ultra. I have one of each of my three TVs. It’s overkill since I don’t currently have any 4K TVs, but I’ve been very happy with them.


Just picked up a TCL 6-Series TV over the weekend and I’m really liking the Roku OS as well. Very straightforward and easy to use/setup.


I do wish there were a way to broadcast from desktop PC browser window to a Roku on the same network. When I was, ah, watching the Olympics coverage on CBC because I am very much a Canadian citizen living in Canada and paying Canadian taxes, there was no good way to shoot it over to the Roku on my TV :(


Yep, I keep saying it, the Roku is the one you want.