Current status of Vista?

I think the author of DVD Shrink has discontinued the program. You might try DVD Fab Decrypter, but I’m not a Vista user.

Yeah, DVD Shrink was discontinued a while ago because of legal reasons, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop using it. When I had asked here last year what everyone used to copy DVDs, it was still DVD Shrink even though even by then it had been stopped.

Nope. I just installed it with the -lgntforce command and it worked from the get-go. I never had to twiddle anything.

Erm, what’s the -lgntforce command?

I dunno about copy protection. I just downloaded the latest patches, then the XP ‘fix’. Then after you load your game, if you have a multi-core system, you need to go into task manager and set the processor affinity to just one of your cores. It doesn’t matter which core, as long as it doesn’t switch cores after the game starts.

Didn’t see anything about Vista there, but it has some neat info.