Custom Mech Wars - the EDF is subcontracting!

Greetings. Please leave any notion of seriousness at the door.

D3 Publisher, the publishing company behind the Earth Defense Force Games announced a new game for this Winter (14th of December to be precise), and it’s…glorious.

And the follow-up, which might out-devolver Devolver Digital when it comes to framing:

Is it janky? You bet. Does it look like it came straight off a PS2 disc? Yep. Does it have that spark of madness that seems sorely lacking in recent releases that were not EDF titles? Oh YES.

(In all seriousness, it’s a horde shooter with highly customizable mechs and a coop-mode, and it already has an EDF crossover available. It definitely aims for ‘stupid as heck, but fun’; EDF enjoyers will know the vibe, everyone else will probably just shake their heads.)

Myself? They had me at Drill D*** Robot. This will be my Christmas Special.

How can you not love “Sovereignity of lunch meats: Burger Bot”?

Yeah, that one in particular cracked me up. :)

Speaking of EDF, seems we finally have a western release date for 6.

That is the most ridiculous trailer I think I have ever seen the second one for custom mech wars)


Oh wow, had no idea that Mech game was by the same folks. Count me in!

Customisation looks fun, but I am worried the gameplay department is lacking. You have the best dolled up Gundam Mech but nothing good to play against.

The gameplay so far looks remarkably similar to the EDF games - no bugs, though, but hordes of copy paste mech enemies, environmental destruction galore and surprisingly good mobility of the player mech.

You probably won’t find any finely-tuned From style boss fights, but I think I could go for a softer, lighter Mechwarrior 5.

Custom Mech Wars is out, and the reviews are quite bad (genuinely, not in a “this looks like an EDF game” way).

It’s from the same publisher, developed internally. It’s not made by the original EDF developers Sandlot, nor any of the EDF spinoff studios.

Nooooooooooooo, that really sucks. Was hoping it would capture the same vibe.

Yeah. Besides being a not particularly good, the PC port is downright atrocious, and with the given price point, that’s a complete no-no from both me and a mech enthusiast buddy.

Mass Builder, despite being stuck in eternal early access limbo, is clearly the better game for half the price.