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Plain Old Telephone System.


I thought it was President of the Seychelles


I just got this antenna for over-the-air TV and it’s incredible so far:

I used the Kinja code JVQNT9WG yesterday which brought it down to just $16 - not sure if the code is still live.

The kicker is that it comes with a built-in amplifier, which seems to make a huge difference in my house! It also has some sticky pads on it which make it really easy to mount up high on a wall.

I was previously using this antenna:

It worked well, but no matter how I placed or mounted it inside, I could only get a limited set of channels at a time. So if I rotated it or moved it in such a way where one channel got stronger, other channels got weaker. Made it really unpredictable.

The new one gets all channels simultaneously, and at a stronger signal than even the best channels got at their strongest point with the old one.


Direct TV Streaming is having some issues:


Yeah, beyond being useless without DVR capabilities it apparently can’t even deliver live TV streaming. Total piece of shit.


Comedy Central appears to have started blocking overseas access using VPNs. This follows them tightening up cable-free access to full episodes for certain shows (though not yet TDS or @Midnight).


Yeah, I also noticed that shows like The Daily Show no longer show up on Hulu the next day anymore. They show up a month later, when they are no longer relevant.

But luckily I live in the U.S., so I can watch them on the Comedy Central website so far.


Hulu’s deal with Viacom expired recently. Viacom is choosing to ally with existing cable/satellite companies and from their earnings call, “reinforce the pay-TV ecosystem.”

South Park on Hulu is unaffected because that has a specific contact that fell outside the general Viacom/Comedy Central one.


Having cut the cable at the end of the year, I’m pretty much comfortable with the systems, except for one thing I still can’t figure out - why episodes of shows apparently appear and disappear randomly.

This seems to happen particularly with Sling, although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it elsewhere. Let me cite specific examples to clarify my point - again, this is all via Sling on my Roku:

1 History of Comedy (CNN) - The first three episodes were up within a couple of days of airing. After the third - nothing. Now the third is missing (there are probably 4 more after that one that were never put up at all) and only the first two are available.

2 Colony (USA) - Again, the current season was put up within a day or two of airing - all except last week’s, which I think was the finale. As I write this, it still isn’t available.

3 Talking Dead - This is the oddest of all, since episodes that were listed as available for viewing in the morning are no longer up when the wife (who watches it) gets home from work that evening, and then pop up again a day or two later, only to be taken down once more.

Can someone tell me in simple terms what the hell is going on? Explain it as you would to a child.



It sounds specific to the Sling app. I watch a lot of shows via channel apps, and they have clear expiration dates for specific episodes.


It took me a minute to realize this was an April Fools post. The idea of Kodi giving up its name and moving back to XBMC actually doesn’t sound all that far-fetched.


Reaction one: Well, duh, of course it’s about ridiculous cable prices.

Reaction two: There’s also been a huge increase in availability of good content over streaming services that factors into the cord cutting. I can certainly see the argument for that being a secondary effect, though. Or even part of a cycle: people leave cable, companies make streaming content for those customers, so more people leave cable, repeat.


I just did a trial for SlingTV and Hulu Live… I liked SlingTV a smidge better, and my wife likes the Hallmark channels… The price was roughly the same factoring in the dvr functionality… But I cannot and will not abide not having profiles… WTF I don’t want to see all this Housewives of this, that, and Roseanne…

So we went with Hulu Live… The good thing is it’s month to month so we’ll see how things evolve.


Amazon is raising the price of Prime to $120/yr now. Not happy about another increase this soon. It’s gone up 50% since 2014 when it was $80.