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“Faked” soy sauce

“Faked” eggs

Is it a good advice to sniff the eggs only?

I typically inject my eggs directly into the bloodstream, although if I’m out of hypos I’ll sniff. You can smoke them too.

They’ve been having problems with all kinds of faked products in China as the economy gears up. One of the more heinous was people selling “fake” baby formula, which had no nutritional value at all and led to the deaths of several infants.

Gentlemen, allow me to utter a heartfelt WTF?!

Holy shitfucking Christ.

Well, not literally. But Jesus. HAIR SAUCE?!?!?!?!?!?!??!! Sounds like a fucking concentration camp condiment.

Man, early-stage capitalism + communist groupthink = raw horror. Remind me never to buy any foodstuffs made in China ever again.

This is why organisations like the USDA and the FDA and such are a good thing. Cause I hate to tell you, but if companies in the US could get away with this kind of thing, they would.

Can Soylent Green be far behind?

Welcome to China!
Population: Zero
More than One Billion Served!

Ok, this is truly disgusting:

“Because the human hair was gathered from salon, barbershop and hospitals around the country, it was unhygienic and mixed with condom, used hospital cottons, used menstrual cycle pad, used syringe, etc.”

Yeah, China clearly needs an Upton Sinclair.

The Chinese situation has to be a lot worse than the early 20th century American situation (weren’t the USDA & FDA created in the early 1900s?) because now there is a lot more industry and a lot more chemical know-how. Plus there are just a hell of a lot more people in China, and hence greater economic pressures. Fuckin’ SHUDDER.

Yeah the FDA is one part of the government that this Libertarian has never desired to cut. I highly recommend people read The Jungle, which is widely credited as the straw that finally broke the camel’s back and led to the formation of an agency and laws concerning food production. I have the unedited version (yes, it was so bad that the original had redactions from the publisher) and it’s seriously horrid.

Ha ha ha.

Olestra, where art thou?

Taking a leak.

I saw some pictures of the infants who were taking the fake formula, they were emaciated and their heads were huge compared to their bodies. It was really heart breaking stuff.