Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Now wave your hands in the air!

But seriously, I’m not an optimist, the release date is April 16th, 2020.

I am actually a horrible pessimist.

Considering for years CDPR were just saying it would release “when it’s ready”, but now they’ve committed to an actual date, I suspect it’s a reasonably firm one they are confident in.

And also considering that CDPR have promised this game to Sony and MS for current gen consoles, they’re going to need to hit that release date.

I have a feeling if they asked for additional time, along the lines of 4-8 weeks lets say, they would be allowed it. But that would be the biggest gap from the release date, it wouldn’t be a longer delay than that unless something catastrophic transpired.

Oh hell fine.

Is this still relevant? Not towards you, but to the controversy. More P/R so I deleted it. (on the miniscule chance you haven’t seen these, they are great. Many more in the link)'s_Flame_Warriors

Great interview here:

Ah, Flame Warriors. A classic.

I get this sentiment, but it’s also a bit weird to want a forum thread to basically just reiterate what you could get by setting up a Google Alert. For me, by definition a discussion forum thread is for discussion. And the discussion here is topical. But sure, as one of the biggest offenders, I’ll acquiesce and reserve the thread for preview reax, slow dribble PR, and breathless anticipatory paeans for the next 9 months.

If you feel like this is the right venue for discussing your opinions on the matter, don’t let me stop you.

Let me stop you!

I tend to agree with you.

If people think it would get too buried in P&R, why not create a ‘catch all’ thread in the Games section called ‘Social Issues in Games’ or something like that?

Can’t you guys just block it out for awhile? It’s not like important game news is being lost in the mix here, the game is almost a year away.

Sure, that’s what I’ve been doing. But I also don’t want to talk about gun control in a Call of Duty thread, or gaming violence in a Doom Eternal thread, or any number of other politically charged topics. I come to the games forum to escape that stuff. I mean, do what you want, I was just respectfully asking the question.

I might be in the minority in that I found the discussion here following the RPS articles quite interesting. Telefrog’s contribution about how sexuality has been used in horror movies was great and not something I had considered before.

I know we’ve had something like 30 throwaway one-liners about ‘what are we being told to be outraged about now, lulz’ but the conclusion of the second RPS article presents this:

please know I’m not here to tell you not to buy the game or to stop enjoying it. I am asking instead if you could please engage with this issue, in Cyberpunk 2077 and beyond.

That seems rather reasonable and not really engaging in Twitter outrage culture.

It also seems a bit odd to want to move this discussion somewhere else in a thread about a game where transhumanism and transgender concepts will play major roles. It’s likely players will be able to create a transgender character and the ad in question hints at a world that will include much more of that. It seems a little like asking if the homosexuality/Queer discussion could be moved out of the Gone Home thread.

But anyway, back to the fawning previews.

Yeah that’s fair enough, I just think it’s inevitable with game media featuring more and more social commentary that people on game forums will discuss it (sometimes) as well. I can understand the desire to prefer its absence, but it’s also a sign that (some) people are taking videogames more seriously as a medium of artistic communication. When games aren’t yet released there’s also alot less to talk about, so things other than gameplay impressions will crop up.

It’s an issue that (apparently) has been a thing in the trans community for years, but I’ve only recently been made aware of it since Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor came out and had a big horror buff following. There was a lot of online discussion about the topic and the conclusion by many in the LGBTQ community was that while they want representation in movies, not all depictions are helpful or wanted. The way they were specifically vilified in horror for decades being an example of unwanted characterization. They’d frankly rather not have been in those movies at all.

So, going back to Cyberpunk 2077’s kink porn trans poster, no, that depiction is not better than nothing to many LGBTQ folks regardless of the in-game universe context. Like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, the general public doesn’t care that Lecter says he’s not really transsexual, they only think about how creepy and “other” Billy is, and how his perversion motivates his killings.

I think that perhaps the inclination to label it “kink porn” at least partially stems from our current societal inclination to ostracize trans people and perceive them as inherently deviant.

Perhaps it is over the top, but hyper sexualization of a person in an advertisement is not something new. How many times have we seen ads with some woman with huge breasts straining against her shirt? Not even in video games, but in actual, real life ads?

Buffalo bill was a character.

This… Isn’t actually a character. The entirety of the characterization here is, “a model posing for an advertisement”. I don’t think that’s actually a negative thing, at least any more than some other traditionally gendered person posing in such an ad would be.

Is this the image we are talking about?


No problem with the sexualization. Trans want to be sexy just like everybody else. What the hell is that in her/his mouth though? First I thought it was a cigarette and I was about to have… issues. It looks like a stick pointing to an icon of a hockey skate. What is that?

I think it’s a straw going into the drink?