Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

But the straw is… penetrating the heart part. And there is a square. He looks scared.

Honest question. What pronoun are you supposed to use for trans? He/she?

Normally, just whatever they prefer. In this case, since it’s not actually a person or developed character, there’s no real way to know how they identify themselves.

Definitely a complex subject. Is it polite to ask a person what pronoun they prefer??

Yes, especially random insecure people who will have no idea why you’re asking.

lol, you mean just walking up to a random person and asking them if they prefer “he” or “she”? I dare you to do that in a restaurant and then ask for a bite of their food.

edit:No offense to anybody. It’s a complex subject and I was genuinely curious. I’ve been in that situation before. Still, definitely humor there.

I was perusing the comments of the op-ed on Rock Paper Shotgun about this topic, and there were 2-3 self-identified trans people in there saying they didn’t really see what the problem was, for some of the reasons already pointed out by others in here.

Personally not really sure what to make of the discussion around this ad, or the idea that an in-game advertisement designed for ambient transhumanist world-building in a cyberpunk game, is doing tangible harm in the “real” world.

It is obvious what to make of it. It’s bullshit.

And other self identified trans people have found it to be a problem. It’s almost as if not every trans person has the same opinion as each other. Unreal!

Which was my entire point. That trans people themselves aren’t a monolith of thought on whether something like this is actually, tangibly perpetuating harm against them.

Great, then I am sure you won’t mind accepting that it does upset some people and that they will have good reason for that, rather than shrugging it off because it doesn’t bother you “personally”.

if this game is half as interesting as the discussion of the ad here, I would be totally in it to mix up my backlog. But from some previews, it doesn’t look like it will be anything else as the usual teenage-power-fantasy in a dystopian world.

Everything upsets some people. That’s not actually a useful metric for anything.

Indeed, but I feel that some people are not prepared to accept that they might be upset with perfectly good reason. I try not to be judgemental about aspects of life I have not experienced.

This is providing a useful illustration of why I usually don’t bother entering discussions of these topics on the internet, so thank you. At no point, ever, did I “shrug anything off” because it doesn’t bother me personally.

The literal extent of my own opinion offered here thus far, has been that I’m not sure what to make of the discussion around this in-game ad. That was it.

Beyond that, I’ve simply pointed out that trans people themselves seem to agree and disagree, along many of the same lines being drawn in the discussion here.

Mike Pondsmith is so awesome

The interaction between @moss_icon and @ShakesMcQueen is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to avoid by moving the trans discussions elsewhere, for what it’s worth. No one should get riled up in a video game thread.

People get riled up in game threads all the time. :)


Anyway, to get back on topic - I hope the final game manages to retain the detail from last year’s gameplay demo, where you first leave your residence block to go outside, and there’s pedestrians EVERYWHERE.

That moment when you first go outside was the moment that blew my mind about this game, and had me convinced that it must be next-gen. The people just milling around, and waiting for the crosswalk to light up, and talking to one another. And the sheer scale of the verticality, when you looked up at the buildings around you too. It was incredible.

This game releasing on current gen consoles has me a little concerned about what details might get lost in the struggle to make it run on the ancient Jaguar APU.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was the best ME.

What are your thoughts on the ending of Mass Effect 3 or Epic Game Store exclusives?