Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Klaatu barada nikto

Necktie, nectar, nickel

I don’t have much to add here, just felt the need to chime in and say that what you expressed really nails it for me. I also come from a historically privileged group and there are several things about this particular issue I’m not sure I understand, but I wish more people would recognize that unless you have personal experience with the type of marginalization and mistreatment levied against those who identify as trans, maybe you ought to think twice before throwing the full weight of your opinions around.

To further clarify my stance, I thought the rps article was insightful, yet I like cdpr’s output and am cautiously looking forward to CP 2077.

Didn’t mean to feed the flames with my previous comment, I hadn’t read the entire thread yet. I do think it seems like an appropriate discussion for this thread though.

Anyway, what I really wanted to do now was add something more tangible about the game that I thought was interesting. Namely this interview with CP2077 quest director, Mateusz Tomaskiewicz​. The part about building quests to be open for various mechanical approaches calls to mind my first experience with the original Deus Ex back in the day. I loved Witcher 3, especially it’s quests and some times nuanced writing. I hope they can bring some of that magic to Cyberpunk, and hopefully expand on the Witcher 3’s admittedly limited mechanical complexity.

There were a few journalists that weren’t that impressed with the game. Jeff Gerstmann for example. The argument I heard was that there was nothing particularly new, innovative o revolutionary here, nothing they haven’t seen before. It was just some of W3, some of GTA, some of Deus Ex elements.
I think what happen in these cases is that the hype is so high that expectations grow to a level where people expect something revolutionary. And yeah, if we take the individual elements we have seen it before.
The thing is… a Witcher 3-like RPG by the same devs with the scope and detail of GTA with the mechanics of a Deus Ex IS THE IDEAL FREAKING DREAM GAME.


From what I heard, the E3 demo shown to media was basically a mission in a discrete area - so more gameplay in a mission, and less of the ambient, “clockwork world” wow-factor of the demo video they put out last year.

Even then, Deus Ex mixed with stuff like GTA, with the attention to detail of a game like Witcher 3, still sounds like it could be the greatest thing of all time.

…And don’t forget the mature and interesting (ie not dumb as a bag o’ rocks) writing large parts of the Witcher3 had. If that’s here, the rest of the game can be a janky mess but I’m in.

If we think back, The Witcher 3 was also not an innovative game… it didn’t matter, it’s more about the execution, not the concept.

Yeah I’ve read some of the more reserved feedback, and I appreciate it. It’s kinda my job as a fan to be blown away by some of the things I’ve seen or heard, and their job as journalists to look past the hype and bring me back to earth.

But still, cdpr has changed since they made the Witcher 3, a really special game, and there have been some troubling reports on the company’s inner workings. I hope cdpr brings it with Cyberpunk, and I also hope that doesn’t come at the expense of their employees health.

“Nothing to see here, the Witcher 3 and GTA already did it,” is a pretty stupid stance.

By that logic a good game hasn’t been made since 2015 and there might never be another one.
Also holding The Witcher against the people that made it is an interesting position.
“Yeah Fallout 2 was okay, but I already saw all this shit in Fallout. What a disappointment.”
“Baldur’s Gate 2 is just a rehash of Baldur’s Gate only bigger and more refined. Meh.”

Watch Dogs is where the revolution’s at.

The Witcher 3’s writing was certainly interesting and heads and shoulders above most AAA games, but it’s not mature. It’s YA at best (and at its best).

If The Witcher 3 is YA then Mass Effect must be somewhere in here.

I’m not sure the Bloody Baron is very YA, but whatever, people call literally every writer ever bad.

Dostoevsky could rise from the dead and write something and people would call it “average at best” or the like.

Well on Steam the second most applied tag to 2077 is ‘Masterpiece’. This is for a game that is 9+ months away and only journalists have seen a vertical slice. The community that surrounds CDPR can be quite insufferable sometimes.

I liked the Witcher’s 3 writing a lot. I thought it was excellent. But it is YA (as is the vast majority of AAA story heavy games, some better than others). There’s nothing in it that requires having had complex experiences to understand. Nothing wrong with that, I think. It’s just what it is.

We had a thread about this that I think @Brooski started, but I can’t find it now.

People just like to say works they like have qualities they have not just to bring “credibility” to the work. I see no need for that. TW3 is not intended exclusively for adults and the marketing is clear on that. At most it has “mature” content (with quotation marks).

CDPR have a good track record so far, so I don’t hold it against people as much.

But people will die for companies that haven’t made a good game in a decade where no one that made the games they loved even works at anymore. It drives me nuts.

There was some interesting discussion about YA writing here

Jeff Gerstman hasn’t been impressed by a video game in over 15 years. He’s the most cynical man in gaming, it’s part of why I stopped listening to the Giant Bombcast. If it isn’t an old retro game, he ain’t got time for it.