Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

I’ve come to the point where I think I have a slight preference for 3rd person views. I mean, I usually go with whatever the default is (except RGO, where I switch to 3rd person), but while I can’t imagine playing, say, Fallout with 3rd person view, I can’t imagine playing the AC series with anything but 3rd person.

Seems like supporting both is the gold standard. It’s 2019, not 1819 man.

When has that ever been done well? I tried to play GTAV primarily in first-person mode (which was great!) but the game is clearly not built for it. I do quite like photo modes, Wipeout HD had an excellent one.

Games that are really designed for third person can add first person. Games that are designed for first person, are much more harder to add a third person camera.

Think Doom, Condemned, Deus Ex, Prey, Amnesia. The level design, the experience, was designed for first person.

Well that’s the point. You need to design with both in mind. You’re not on holiday, game developers!

They did a pretty good job of translating GTA5 to 1st person. Or maybe it was the plan the whole time.
Course, if you have half the budget of star citizen, you can make some cool shit.

Hashtag lazydevs!!

This should solve the 1st vs. 3rd person perspective debate.

Soccer players viewing their position through VR goggles via a drone:

So how many seconds of latency did they introduce there?

On the other hand, I can’t imagine my FIFA/ProEvo days would be much fun if the games where in first person. Either way, even learning to walk takes a while, you just don’t remember.

Haven’t we had this discussion at the time of E3? My issue with 1st person is that even less people like dice rolling in 1st person and expect silly FPS movement and precision regardless of the best tone for the setting. But its still the best choice for sales of this particular game, so that’s that.

I actually don’t have a strong preference as I enjoy both, with maybe a slight lean into FPS.

Just wanted to post that gif as the goalie was working his ass off.

Cool gif, except that it really doesn’t map well to third person. It gives the view, but for true third person it would require the camera to be. Essentially, permanently attached about 5 feet behind their head.

This is more isometric with first person controls.

Way back in the 16-bit era there was an FPS football game. I-Soccer, or something like that.

I had missed these screenshots from past week

I hope I can drive a bulldozer and plow all the shanty town shit into a ditch and bury it. Clean up that city and give us a future worth looking forward to.

Well, I guess we know who’s toeing the corporate line.

Pardon my French, but this game looks f*cking sick.

How big are the art departments for these AAA games? The idea of generating that many assets makes me dizzy.

I wasn’t really fussed about the driving in this game… until I saw that futuristic Dodge Challenger! Now I know what I’ll be saving my cyber bucks for.