Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

I am dying to watch that deep dive but I’m afraid to watch it - the first few minutes looked so awesome I want to keep myself in the dark as much as possible… but man does this look incredible.

They were pretty explicit that there would be spoilers in the video…and I shut it off. They’ll get my money, I’ll see this soon enough - I don’t need this video to tip me into the “buy” category.

Yep I am on media blackout. :)

I’m not on media blackout, but I definitely did not see this one, as it’s long and has a lot of detail and spoilers.

This may have been mentioned earlier (it’s a deal that’s been available since like June or July) but pre-ordering from GOG gets you a 40% coupon from Displate, whom make these amazing metal posters you can hang up. I haven’t seen one in person yet, but my cousin got one for Battle Angel Alita and he said it was gorgeous, just incredible color and really nice looking. I’ve had several bookmarked for a really long time, from Predator to Iron Man and a few Magic art pieces, so I pre-ordered just for the coupon. The offer ends 9/13.

This is the displate poster I ordered:

I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but I don’t give a damn about Keanu Reeves’ gaming preferences and I don’t see their relevance. He plays a part in the thing, of course he is going to promote it.

Someone had a double helping of cranky-o’s this morning!

It’s an interesting story about Keanu Reeves enjoying the work on the game so much that they added more of his character to the game. Which is interesting, it’s news about the game and its narrative and story structure, and I certainly appreciated that it was posted here.

It does sound more like genuine enthusiasm than the usual celebrity “I like the Video Games and they are very fun, my daughter plays the Pokemon Go” palaver. I should know, as doing boilerplate celeb/videogame interviews used to be a big part of my gig.

There is the kind of person that reads something like this and simply must comment (prefacing with “not to sound rude”, of course) and there is the kind of person that thinks “this isn’t relevant to my interests” and moves onto another thread. We’ve all been both type of person before, I suppose, so some slack can be cut. But I did think this was an odd thing to bother posting, myself.

It’s cool that Reeves enjoyed his character this much - to me the relevancy speaks to the quality of the character and writing, at least potentially.

Uhh… have you read the article? It’s pretty small. Hint: it doesn’t talk of Keanu Reeves’ gaming preferences.
In fact, I think he doesn’t play games, so he won’t have any.

I like this news! He could be one of us! Gamer nerd wish fulfillment.

The Keanu mainstream marketing blitz for this game is going to be so much fun.

My favorite brand of cringe, is when Hollywood actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or whatever, are asked about the comic books, and you can tell 98% of them don’t know anything about comic books, and don’t care, haha.

But yeah, actors are extremely busy people, so it’s not like I’d hold it against Keanu for not having the 100+ hours to invest in Cyberpunk.

I think this is why I thought it was a cool little news bit. Keanu’s seen enough scripts (and been obligated contractually into acting in some of those!) in his life to know when he’s stumbled into pure shit-for-writing. And if he’s digging the vibe CDPR is putting out there in the Cyberpunk writing, that’s probably a good thing.

Was sure there was a new "outrage"™ for the game, but turns out it was the good news instead.

April is so close now. Hope they delay it a bit more, to make it even better?

Didn’t they already do this? I think it was supposed to aiming for a 2019 date originally, and then it got a moved out to April 2020.

Yea, they already did, but figure a bit more wouldn’t hurt? (Except for the developers working crunch for 2+ years or w.e. according to information on how CDPR runs their house…)

I agree if they need more time than April, by all means - I hope they take their time. I want this game to be as great as possible right out of the gate. But at this point delays won’t make it “better”, we’d be looking for more polish and fewer bugs. It’s got to launch at some point, though. No one likes to pay to beta test, so I get it - and in that case you may want to consider waiting until a few months after launch before diving in as a means to ensure your enjoyment?