Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

And some thicc poggers.

Currently discounted on Amazon. PC version is $49.94.

I haven’t seen fishing mentioned yet, but we can hope!

If the small compression in the 4k YT trailer offended you or something, here you have the better version

Pfft. You could do that in AC: Origins.

That’s good. They should have dropped jump on The Witcher 3.

They should have dropped playable Ciri chapters in Witcher 3 as well.

Game will be DX12 only, so no go for your remaining Windows 7/8 users out there.

Wasn’t there a DX12 patch for Windows 7?

Also, people probably shouldn’t be using Win 7 anymore these days.

So which unpatched Windows 7 remote-execution exploits with no mitigations are out there?

Isn’t Windows 7 out of even extended support by now?

Spreadsheet says January this year.

That would make that question irrelevant. You can cling to Windows 7. But, like JD said, “people probably shouldn’t be using Win 7 anymore these days”. No support makes it unsuitable for “people”, aka the general public and for gaming too. You are just going to get more and more issues over time as testing on the OS and the user base continue to dwindle.

Also, time to dip your toes. The Windows 10 water is just fine. But that’s a discussion for another thread.

Yea, maybe for another thread, but there’s very little proof and a lot of hearsay about how insecure Windows 7 has magically become just because it is out of “support” from Microsoft. In terms of securing a device for ‘average joe’ it really shouldn’t be anything but a dumb tablet connecting to facebook.

So: I see they now selling CP2077 in the Epic store. Clock ticking on when it becomes an Epic Store Exclusive with DRM?

No. These guys are basically joined at the hip with GOG, and they have been very outspoken regarding DRM in the past, iirc. That said, it will surely be available in the EPIC store, so is The Witcher 3, but it won’t be exclusive to any one platform for PC. Hell, my own pre-order is through GOG and has been for the better part of a year at this point.

CDPR owns GOG.

CDP have been building their “DRM-free is the best” reputation for 20 years and have around 150 million in the bank with zero debt. I doubt there is any amount of moneyhats Tim Sweeney could offer them that would convince them to throw their reputation into the shitter.

That doesn’t stop people from making up outrageous claims here on the internet, though!

Oh, come on. They were distributing “DRM free” games long before that.