Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Paul already beat me to it, but yeah, they’ve said you can play without killing. Unless that’s changed.

I don’t like that much some games that imo, force to much the ability of completing the game in several ways. In the end it makes for a compromised experience, with balance being dumbed down until all the ways of playing end up being bland but everyone is able to experience them.

I prefer specialized games like Thief in stealth, or games where optional ways to play (like pacifist in Deus Ex) comes from pure ingenuity and intimate knowledge of the experience.

This is the way to do it, where “do a pacifist run” is one of the hardest achievements the game has. Is this how it was done in Dishonored as well? I never tried the pacifist run there.

Pacifist playstyle in Dishonored still means clearing the maps of enemies, you just use the nonlethal ways to do it, and some of the bosses involve some extra prep work through mini side quests to enable the nonlethal elimination.

I think the Metal Gear Solid games are the best ones in terms of pacifist runs. They are really hard to accomplish (specially boss fights) but feel really good.

My stealth won’t see the “you never knew I was there” kind, but the “blink, you’re dead, no one knows where the killing blow came from” kind. ;)

My stealth lady Steppin’Razor is gonna be like “stealth stealth crickets” Then: “yo guard dudes, git gone or prepare to meet your maker”. Then slash-swoosh-slash and there’s body parts all over and she’s gone like she was never there (except for the body parts and blood where previously dumb guard dudes were).

Razorslash? Thats so…20th century - Laserwhip or Monofilament Whip(My favorite weapon in Shadowrun) all the way!

My typical way of playing through the Dishonored games is nonlethal/ghost, where I’ll slowly and methodically incapacitate every single enemy and civilian, leaving massive piles of sleeping bodies on chandeliers, ledges, and toilets. In my world, there are a lot of awkward conversations to be had the day after Corvo and the gang come to town.

Did you pose 'em?

That’s how I played Dishonored too, and it’s exactly what I tried to do in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

But this is Night City. It’s a different place and my character is a different character. ;)

It’s hard to get too fancy with that when I’m stacking them like cordwood at fatal heights above the hard, hard ground. But I do often toss empty bottles of booze on the pile for atmosphere.

I tried hard to play Dishonored in a stealthy, non-lethal fashion. But when a game lets you re-configure arc pylons to electrocute guards as they walk nonchalantly through a doorway… well, that just never gets old. :)

Absolutely insane graphics, but that gameplay towards the end…looked a little basic lol.

The car chase part? What were you expecting? (not asking that with any snark)

Okay, guys, breath. This isn’t going to change everything we know about video games. Some folks around here are almost certainly setting themselves up for disapointment.

That looked like the gameplay from before you hit the title screen.

Yeah, the whole ‘shoot at enemy cars while your buddy drives’ onrails sequence has been done to death. It was good in… the first Call of Duty.
But we can imagine there are just a pair of them, and the other 70 hours of the real game will be different.

It all seems from the first hour, and given that you need 4-5 hour to reach the title screen, yep.