Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Yes, I remember that game. I don’t really remember much in the way of details because, as you mentioned, there didn’t really seem to be any plot and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing - the idea of ‘emergent gameplay’ or ‘making your own fun’ was completely alien to me at the time. I guess it was probably pretty groundbreaking though, looking back on it. Wasn’t there more than one Alternate Reality game, like maybe a Dungeon or something?

Yeah, there was a AR: Dungeon sort-of sequel. There were a few places in the City you could enter it- you’d be prompted to insert that disk if you went there, but I think you could just start there. I seem to remember something similar about leaving the City via the gates, but I may be making that up in my memory, and it certainly never came out.

That game was ridiculous.

Yeah, our mainframe sysadmin gave me a copy back in the mid 80s and I played it a ton. I loved it in spite of not knowing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I remember it being so different from anything else I’d ever played to that point.

Related to the state of the game at release, I can see this reviewing slightly lower than The Witcher 3. Any remaining bugs will be an easy target for reviewers, and the subject matter is a bit out there compared to near-universally-agreeable content like Geralt wandering through medieval times.

It just feels like the game would have to be remarkably epic in scope and execution to overcome those slight disadvantages. Which could happen!

When we moved last year, I came across maps I had drawn for various things, including Wizardry 7 and one of the Bard’s Tale games. If you haven’t played them, and don’t mind the aesthetics, you’d probably like Etrian Odyssey

From what CDProjekt mentioned after the delay, it sounded like they were mostly happy with how Cyberpunk ran on PC and Next Gen consoles and that the delay was primarily due to the difficulty in trying to get things working on Xbox One and PS4, so for those on more powerful hardware, it may be in pretty reasonable shape.

We donated most of our game collection (of vintage stuff) to my college for use with and by our Game Studio. Occasionally they put stuff on display, and one of the things they displayed was my wife’s copy I think Ultima IV, complete with her hand-drawn maps and notes.

The build on the disc is the build sent for certification which is several months old. Games get improved massively at this last stretch, I am actually quite confident that with the day 1 patch, game will be reasonably well polished (akin to Witcher 3). At least on PC.

I hand-mapped MUDs on graph paper for years. I absolutely loved it. I believe for me it tickled the ‘artsy’ side as at the time it was a completely analog experience while playing a digital game (enhanced by the fact that I have no actual artistic talent - drawing squares on graph paper matched my abilities).

The plan (for the original 8-bit Atari version at least), was to release expansion disks that used the city as a sort of hub. E.g. if you try to leave the city, it prompts you for the Wilderness disk. There were Arena, Palace, Dungeon, Wilderness, and a couple others planned.

You’re right! I thought I’d remembered the Wilderness, but now that you mention it, yeah, there were entry points for the Arena and Palace, too. I should load that up on an emulator. I wonder what the ‘best’ version was? I played on Commodore. Game was so goddamn ahead of its time.

Several leaked images, first one is NSFW with a PENIS. It doesn’t contain story spoilers, but some images of crowds, inventory, crafting and perk screens. xw22y4o

(remove the space in the link!)

Breach Protocol perk tree (there is a second tree under intelligence attribute, “quickhacking”)

Almost in: Increases breach time for Breach Protocol by 20%
Total Recall: Reduces all quickhack costs by additoinal 1 ram
Totaler Recaller: same
Turret Shutdown: Disables security turrets in network for 3 minutes
Datamine mastermind: Increases amount of components acquired from Access Points by 50%
Buffer optimization: Increases duration of all daemon effects by 100%
Mass vulnerability: quickhacks : Enemies take 30% more damage from quickhacks
Mass vulnerability: Reduces enemy Physical resistance by 30% for 3 minutes
Mass vulnerability: Resistances : Reduces all enemy resistances by 30%
Turret Tamer: sets status of turrets to friendly for 3 minutes
Head start: Automatically uploads the first daemon in the list at the start of Breach Protocol.
Hackaton: Uploading 3or+ daemon in the same BP shortens quickhand cooldown by 33% for 5 minutes
Compression: Reduces the length of sequences required to upload daemons by 1. Cannot be reduced below 2.
Efficiency: Uploading 3or+ daemon in the same BP increases ram recovery by 3unit/60s, for 5 minutes
Datamine virtuoso: Increase chance to acquire a quickhack from Access Point by 50%
Extended Network interface: Automatically highlights nearby Access Points.
Transmigration: Increases the breach time of BP by 50%. 5%+ extra level (uncapped perk)
…and two more I couldn’t see.

Half he perks can be taken only once, the other half have a cap of 2 points, the last one is a ‘perk sink’, it can always be leveled up.

Every intelligence point gives:
+4% ram capacity
+0.5% quickhack damage
+1 quickhack duration

edit: another one, this one not made by me

Reflexes - Assault
Name | Requirement | Max Rank | Effect
Eagle Eye | 0 | 3 | Reduces the time to aim down sight with Rifles and SMG by 10%
Quick Hunter | 9 | 2 | Increases Rifle and SMG damage to moving enemies by 10%
Named Bullets | 14 | 1 | Increases crit damage with Rifles and SMG by 35%
Skull Skipper | 14 | 1 | Each headshot reduces recoil with Rifle and SMG by 5% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 5 times
Savage Stoic | 20 | 1 | Increases damage with Rifles and SMG by 45% when standing still
Bunker | 16 | 1 | Increases armor and resistances by 15% when shooting with Rifle and SMG from behind cover
Nerves of Steel | 11 | 2 | Increases headshot damage with sniper rifles and precision rifles by 20%
Covering Killshot | 5 | 2 | Increases crit chance with Rifles and SMG by 10% when firing from behind cover
Punisher | 20 | 0+ | After defeating an enemy with a Rifle or SMG, weapon sway is nullified and weapon spread does not increases for 10 sec. +0.2 sec per Perk level
Hunter’s Hands | 12 | 2 | Reduces recoil with Rifles and SMG by 20% when firing from behind cover
Executioner | 7 | 1 | Deal 25% more damage with Rifles and SMG to enemies whose health is above 50%
Long Shot | 18 | 1 | Rifle and SMG damage increases the farther you are located from enemies
Recoil Wrangler | 16 | 1 | Reduces recoil with Rifles and SMG by 10%
Feel the Flow | 11 | 2 | Reduces reload time for Assault Rifles and SMG by 10%
In Perspective | 18 | 1 | Bullets fired from Rifles and SMG ricochet an additional 2 time(s)
Trench Warfare | 12 | 2 | Increases Rifle and SMG damage by 5% when firing from behind cover

edit 2: and more here

Please blur all that. Some people don’t want spoilers even of the abilities and whatnot.

Spoiler-free impressions in the spoiler thread, and leaks in the spoiler-free thread.

Every big game release is a challenge.

Spoilers go to the spoiler thread.

That a rpg thas a skill or perk that give extra carrying capacity or extra damage or reduces recoil isn’t a spoiler.

Unless you consider a spoiler things like ‘you fire weapons!’ or ‘you level up!’ or ‘you can choose different dialog options when talking to key npcs’.

Some people might want to discover that, not have someone tell them. If even one person in this thread finds such content a spoiler, then it shouldn’t be here (in plain view, that is).

I’m not even speaking for myself here, in this particular case. But I’m doing my best to think of others.

I’m looking forward to the release for sure but since my current PC just barely squeaks above the minimum bar I am fully prepared to play a while and stop in frustration, while I work on my new PC build. All I need to complete it is for my work buddy to get a 3080 as when that happens he will give me his old 2070.

While I agree with you on some level, I think that if someone is that spoiler averse they should be avoiding any sort of thread or discussion all together.