Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

In a way I made inverse spoilers

because it seems all perks are very boring,so I spoiled the fact there are no unique, cool perks that could be argued that it would matter to not be spoiled.


You’d better not, my dog still hasn’t seen those movies yet.

I just watched the life paths video from over the summer and there’s no way I can play anything other than corpo. It’s so over the top it’s funny. My gut is screaming at me that it’s the best choice.

I can be a corporate goon with a heart of gold, right? Right?

Be Steve wozniak with guns!

The 8-bit Atari version is the original, and is much more colorful than the C64 port. However, the 16-bit ports apparently have better gameplay, for example actually allowing you to join guilds, so if I were to try to get into it again I’d probably go for the ST or Amiga version.

I just watched an interview with an owner of one of the largest retail gaming chains in my country, he says the amount of Cyberpunk physical boxes they are about to send out is already, before launch, larger than total amount of copies sold of GTA5 or Witcher 3, despite digital being much larger share these 6 years later. Pretty crazy.
Another fun fact, the CE box is much bigger than Playstation 5 box.

I was just notified my strategy guide is slipping one week to the 16th. How will I survive without it?

Don’t worry, the game will slip a week as well.

What’s this Cyberpunk 2077 game you all keep talking about?

From the leaks I’ve seen it’s a 2D platformer with microtransactions and quicktime events.

Please, no spoilers!!!

I mean, it’s already out and folks are playing it, so this doesn’t seem likely this time. :)

The princess is in another mainframe.

This seems to be all the perks.


Well, too late, you are going to use the power of imagination! :P

Don’t worry, I think I remember how boring they all were when they were shown back in the summer or so. :) It seems like the devs didn’t use much imagination themselves, unfortunately!

Given the game was (allegedly) originally delayed just for the sake of the current gen consoles, it’s surprising to me that most reviewers still don’t have a copy to play on - seems like there won’t be very many (any?) reviews by launch?

Yeah, the game probably suxors!"!LOL!1

Delayed reviews… CHECK
Game pushed back… CHECK
Influencers getting free stuff… CHECK

All the signs point to a huge fail at release. ;)