Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint


My hype level is maxxed for this one. It’s release date will probably be my next system build, too, as I’ll want to play it maxxed.

I feel like I did the first time I saw an ad for Baldur’s Gate.


very much on board for this one as well. i have complete faith in CDpR to pull this one off in a spectacularly interesting way.


eg has good interview

When the camera pulled back to show the car in third person, I thought of Grand Theft Auto. Is that a fair comparison for you?

Patrick Mills: It is a comparison that is, on the surface level, really looks like it. GTA 5 took place in California and our game takes place in California as well. You see it and there are similarities. But it’s not the same kind of game. We are an RPG. We’re a non-linear RPG with a character you control and you create. In terms of how we build quests, that’s distinctly us, and you’re going to get that. We would really want you to look more at Witcher 3 in terms of what you’re going to get from this.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 a purely single-player game?

Patrick Mills: Yes, it is.

So there’s no multiplayer whatsoever?

Patrick Mills: We have multiplayer in R&D, but the game we’re shipping to you, the game you’re going to buy is the single-player experience. That’s really what we’re concentrating on now, the single-player RPG experience. That’s what we want to nail down before we start looking at any of these other things.

So when you say you’ve got multiplayer in R&D, do you mean in relation to Cyberpunk 2077, or just generally at the studio?

Patrick Mills: In relation to Cyberpunk as well as just generally at the studio.

So maybe multiplayer will come post-launch?

Patrick Mills: Maybe, no promises. Nothing at launch. At launch we’re concentrating on the single-player game. That’s what we want to give you.


That sounds like a dev that know their public.


I hadn’t visited this thread in 24h. Wow, lots of posts piled up. I finally looked in here, and wasn’t expecting this wonderful news. First person perspective RPG? Heck yes! I love immersive sims. I was already looking forward to it because of the developer, but first person means I’m super psyched for it now.


Everything about this game is 100% want for me. If it wasn’t from this studio, I’d assume the game I eventually get to play will fall short in some way, but it’s CD Projekt, so yeah fully amped for this.


It wouldn’t an RPG without numbers flying out of enemies!


Immersion was cited as the reason for first-person. I think it has everything to do with how cybernetics are going to work. sensor overlays and enhanced-vision like zoom that’s implant-based (see the Kiroshi scanner mentioned in the GI writeup) and maybe entirely different vision modes (e.g. infrared) seem to me like they would work much more seamlessly in first person.


I think another great reason that they did first person is it differenitates this series from The Witcher. They’re building franchises here, and the way to do that best is to have things work rather differently between games with your core strength (in their case, RPG design) at the heart of the game but played from a different perspective in a whole different world, etc.

It’s just plain smart game making.


I caught up on what they announced, the trailer and a few of the write ups from people who saw back stage.

I am hyped and in pretty much DO WANT NOW mentality.


Hayden did a full write up and he is not mincing words

Straight up: Cyberpunk 2077 is the most impressive game demo I’ve ever seen.

Listen, I’ve played a lot of video games in my life. Almost 30 years of them at this point. I know what a “city” looks like in video games, and I’ve watched that definition evolve over the years. I remember when Morrowind’s towns seemed bustling, and Oblivion after that. I remember watching a trailer for the original Assassin’s Creed and being stunned how large and crowded it was. I remember driving around Grand Theft Auto V and being in awe of the traffic and the number of unique pedestrians.

So I’m deadly serious when I say: I didn’t think Night City was possible. Not yet, at least. I literally didn’t think the technology existed. What I saw during CD Projekt’s demo was astounding.

I remember seeing a demo of The Witcher 3 back in 2013 though and having that same “They can’t possibly pull this off” feeling. And while The Witcher 3 did change quite a bit before release, it was mostly minor nitpicks—I remember forum threads about the stone walls being less detailed. The core of The Witcher 3, the parts I thought were impossible, ended up just as CD Projekt said.


Poking that hornets nest!


I’m glad the player character is named V. I may have mentioned this on Qt3 before, but a player character with a common name is probably my number one pet peeve in RPGs. It’s the worst thing about Alpha Protocol (mitigated by the fact that Mike Thornton isn’t probably his real name.) It’s the reason I haven’t brought Kingdom Come: Deliverance yet.

I don’t want to roleplay as a character with the name of someone I hate, and I hate everyone.


This is why Bethesda games always give you a title, so you can name your character Farts McToots, as God intended.


Actually yeah, Farts McToots is the exception. Love that guy.


New concept art:


And a couple new screenshots from the demo:


I’m thrilled that you get to create your own character. “The Witcher” would have been better if it had been “A Witcher,” at least for me :)


I’m really looking forward to Oblivion with guns.


I disagree, if only for the fact that I never could have created a character as cool as Geralt.