Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint


I’m really looking forward to Oblivion with guns.


I disagree, if only for the fact that I never could have created a character as cool as Geralt.


I kinda regret watching the trailer and reading the demo write-ups. Before, this was something I wasn’t super excited about, but would almost certainly buy and play. Now, I can’t stop thinking about it.


They already have my money. They just need to tell me where to send it.


You and me both, man. Holy crap I’m stoked for this.


I will be ordering the most extensive Collector’s edition as soon as available + preorder day 1 on and steam…just like I did with Witcher 3. I like to reward good work of this level.


Joe interviews Mike Pondsmith and Kyle Rowley (formerly from Remedy)


So many weirdos with weird opinions in this thread.


Are you not entertained? I am sold on being very interested now, though. Since we know something about the game part and all that.


I imagine being a cyborg detective must be depressing.

Imagine going to a hotel, and being able to see (thanks to your UV eyes) all body fluids that taint the walls in your room.




That’s no doubt why they went with Mike Thorton. To make it a bit edgy and different. Nah, who am I kidding?

I’m a little worried V is going to make me think of Order of the Stick constantly.


This is fun


Interesting point raised from that Gamertag Radio podcast.

For their console releases of Witcher 3, CDPR teamed up with Bandai-Namco and Warner Bros Games, I believe, depending on what part of the world you’re in.

For the console releases of Cyberpunk? That demo and the closed-door stuff probably means that CDPR is fixin’ to get PAID.


This is apparently in the demo, but I hadn’t seen it called out explicitly until this Ars writeup. Moreover, a couple of writeup had mentioned ricocheting bullets, but hadn’t given the context:

In one brutally impressive example of the C2077 difference—an answer-in-execution of why the Witcher team swapped to twitchier, first-person combat—V pulled up a heat-scan interface, saw a foe through a wall, and used her high-tech HUD to map the trajectory of her buckshot’s ricochet. Our demo’s host pulled the trigger, and our shot bounced perfectly off a corner and filled our foe with lead.

Some interesting tidbits here


I liked this Jason Schreier interview with Patrick Mills (who I just found out worked on Alpha Protocol) which goes a bit into the quest design. It also touches on the reasons for going with first person.

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From the comments:

Yeah, they talk about it toward the end of the interview. I’m paraphrasing, but Mills basically says there were aspects of the world and the experience of being in it that they thought were best conveyed in first-person, specifically the feeling of looking up and seeing huge skyscrapers towering above you.


Nitpick two: The year 2077 is too far away. How are we supposed to know how accurate this setting is?


They really should have kept this game under wraps for longer. It’s cruel to show off something this good and not give us the ability to play it in the near future.


Keep hearing hints that at Gamescom in August they may knuckle to pressure and at least show gameplay footage, if not necessarily a live demo.