Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Wait, what? So Roach is an office, like President of the United States or Dread Pirate Roberts? I wish I didn’t know that. It’s going to affect my attachment to the horse in the Witcher games.


I didn’t play 1 or 2, but if the games are anything like show, Geralt is at least a few Roaches in by the time we reach that grown Ciri timeline.

Sounds like college weekends, circa 1979.

And yet, in the famous quest where Roach talks to Geralt, it’s a male voice. Which might explain why many people might consider Roach in Witcher 3 to be male.

Also, Roach was pretty clumsy and buggy, and as perks go, those ones are usually associated with males. ;)

I would have thought that Digital Foundry could not go to the Cyberpunk benchmarking well any more times, but this is actually great:

That patchword of a tech setup feels very thematic somehow.

Anandtech did a fun (if pointless) article on it in December

I dunno about mission, but it is possible to ride the rollercoaster with Johnny regardless, you just gotta fix it (there is electric box for it nearby).

The Pacifica residents are not there and the box is not able to be interacted with (I did do the gig on a previous playthrough) so it’s not doable at all.

Ya, Geralt names all of his horses Roach.

It’s going to be so weird restarting this in 2022 when all the major bug fixes and updates are done.

I fixed the box and drove it just before I went and did the Nocturne OP55N1 mission just fine.

Clearly CP2077 can be broken in many, many ways.

There’s a lot of bugs, I’d wait until 2077 ;)

you know what stylistically, the painted ads in cyberpunk 2077 reminded me of? skeevy italian softporn stuff advertised in heavy metal!

I have to say, I couldn’t imagine CDPR to not only release the game in the state it was, but also doing a bad post release support. Three months after release and they still haven’t could do a proper meaty update, with balancing, QoL changes and the like (and nothing about new quests or weapons), for now they only have released bug fixes.

Crazy its been 3 months already. I myself uninstalled it awhile ago, will resume act 2 ( I am like 2 missions into it) once some of the meaty post release patches hit, and I get a new GPU at msrp. So prolly like 2022. :P

I wonder if they’ve even hit rock bottom yet. I’m prepared for them to deliver a half assed patch a month from now that barely addresses PC concerns and then promptly announce the first DLC will be available in time for Christmas for 29.99. Now with some feature we initially demo’d. Maybe Wall Running or something.


I forced myself to finish 2.5 playthroughs but there was no variety in each despite my changing my playstyle (guns first run, hacking second run) since everything else played identically. Overall the setting and some of the characters were appealing it’s very shallow and hollow.

Why did you play it more than once? Weirdo.

Anyway I certainly got my money’s worth. Some great writing and voice acting, gorgeously realized world, but not much gameplay.

The environment is good, and the run and gun fighting is fine. I got through it twice, but that was about it, and then mostly because there were still quests I had not done/things I had not seen, etc. But it wasn’t exactly compelling.