Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

I’ve really struggled with all the Witcher titles because I just CANNOT STAND the combat system.

3 seemed better, but I’ve probably got less than 20 hours with it as well.

I spent a little time with 1, and don’t think I ever touched 2.

I love fantasy RPGs, but I haven’t had much luck digging into The Witcher games, as much as I want to love them.

This is very much me and I almost fineshed the first 2 Gothics! Ive gotten about 3 to 10 hours in each one a couple times before wandering off. I’ll take a turn based tactical Witcher whenever their ready.

Thronebreaker: the Witcher Tales, their Gwent RPG, comes pretty close to that.

It’s not tactical, but perhaps you might call it operational?

It’s a port of an actual boardgame. Basically a Witcher version of Fantasy Flight’s Eldritch Horror, where you walk around the map with dudes from the Witcherverse and solves challenges and whatnot. Kind of a silly format for the license, but I enjoyed it.


I like Eldrich Horror. That’s kind of a fun idea.

My only objection is that they called it The Witcher Adventure Game, which really is playing fast and loose with the terminology.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried Thronebreaker but it’s a card game with rpg tropes. Actually, I don’t know what it is as it’s all over the place genre wise. It does have good writing and world building but I hated it. :)

I’m really wanting an isometric rpg romp in the Witcher world with meaningful dialogue and consequences and good turned based tactical combat. Is it really too much top ask?

Well, if we can’t get it for Fallout, we probably won’t get it for The Witcher.

5 Years ago I’d say no chance. Since then:
Pillars of Eternity x 2
Pathfinder x 2
And many, many more iso RPG’s and turn based tactical games. They have even patched in Turn based modes to some of the above.

We’re even getting a new Baulders Gate. Safe to say they’re in a bit of a Renaissance? Enough to give me false hope anyways ;)

Related note:

I was going to dive back in this weekend as bugs are what mostly made me stop playing. Mods listed above made me go look and I was surprised at how many there are. Any suggestions? Ones you cant live without?

I’m pretty sure that the games you mentioned always were isometric TB. That’s entirely different from changing prior game.

Show me a franchise that has been first person or third person that has subsequently been made into an isometric game? I don’t think that has been very common, if it has happened at all.

Aside from things like Hitman Go or Tomb Raider Go which were tactics spin offs I believe, but never mainline replacements.

Gears Tatics?

You already have Gwent and thronebreaker spinoffs. Let’s not forget it started with novels. Add a new tv series and The Witcher is a becoming a well established world. How many Lord of the Rings games in different genres/types are there? How about Warhammer?

Warcraft became world of warcraft became some card game. :)

So I passed the ten-hour mark sometime this weekend.

I’ve had a very stable experience, even on a laptop that is a pretty good cry from top-of-the-line. Literally only seen a couple of small glitches, no crashing, nothing game-breaking. Nothing to “take me out” of the experience, at all. I’m having a great time with it. (Mostly playing on the laptop display itself, graphics set to high, but I did hook up to the living room TV for a while on Saturday, and did have to turn it down to medium on the 4K display.)

I have surprisingly few complaints.

Has CDPR said what’s next on the docket?

There’s the roadmap they shared, it was in this post:

We’re in the vague section of the roadmap now.

When/if it ever returns to the PS store, they should use this as the marketing quote.

So this is still like an early access title? When can I play the 1.0 version I wonder…

If you have a current-gen console or gaming PC it’s fine, it just isn’t what they promised. I would still stay far away on PS4/PS4 Pro/Xbone/XboneX as it can’t even keep stable at 30fps.

welp I still have my RX480 from 2017. That pretty much means it is still a no go.

But there are still the glitches and bugs that no graphics card can fixed. Are they still there?