Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Yes, I suppose the interview would be more interesting to people who don’t mind not being able to run around with their dick out.

I had the opposite problem. In addition, my character turned bald every time I looked into the mirror.

Can’t wait for this game to come out of Early Access.

My feelings about this game remain pretty much the same as they were when I first played it. I am impressed by the things that the team accomplished, and sad about the things that they could have done but for whatever reasons did not do. It remains for me very much a diamond in the rough.

Great interview, when does this game come out? /s

I would have avoided any of these interviews maybe until the next major revision to fix all the technical and gameplay issues. T-posing from my car, being spring-boarded hundreds of meters when I run into a wall, the entirely pointless food system, the third-person cubist perspective and skill branches which bordered on useless (swimming!) really turned what could have been a great game into a mediocre to okay game.

So much potential! I do agree with armchair theorists that trying to release so many versions simultaneously while supporting last generation hardware really hurt them.

The stuff they talk about, that they worked on, has been in the game since release…And the stuff you mention like T-posing is afaik fixed (though I didn’t experience it on PC even at launch, admittedly I played on fairly highend machine).

Obviously they still have lot of work ahead of them to improve the game overall. But I like seeing passionate and talented people talking about their craft even if the launch was catastrophically messed up in various ways.

The what?

3rd person was super broken (and not available) when the game first came out and forcing it would look like this:

Cyberpunk is not 3p game at all though, and it’s pretty clear it was never meant to be one given how uncompromising it is around using 1p for creating immersion. That’s one of the things I love most about the game. “3p was not available and broken when the game came out” is implying that they’ve now added support for it, has that really happened?

Complaining about how some modder moving the camera makes for odd graphical artifacts is like complaining that a invulnerability mod makes the game too easy. It’s really not a flaw of the game.

I think the video shows that V’s model does not match to an ordinary character model in the game. V does not show up in mirrors normally. Why they decided to take this approach is a mystery.

The only place where the lack of effective third-person type visuals is a real issue (for me at least) is when it would be a appropriate for cinematic reasons, and when you are looking in mirrors, though that is not strictly speaking a third-person thing really.

I think it’s a personal preference. I do prefer my games 3P and it usually isn’t an issue in most games.

No. Not at all.

It’s a weird complaint. Most first-person shooters aren’t meant to be seen in third-person.

Yeah, that’s just a sign of a game that is being too heavily criticized and scrutinized.

I remember when Mirror’s Edge first came out someone created a third-person mod for it and was all surprised that Faith and all her animations looked weird.

I mean when you consider the animations were designed to be viewed and seen from the perspective of the camera, it makes sense. They want things to look good and natural when viewed where the ‘head’ is, and by and large I thought they nailed that.

I remember when Mass Effect 3, a third person only game came out, and I saw the running animation they made…that was weird!

And I assume it still remains horrible/laughable in the Legendary Edition.

The Strange, Unfinished Saga of Cyberpunk 2077 | The New Yorker

That was a good read.

Finally bought the game since Steam has it for $30, created a nomad and went with normal difficulty. Made it to NC and the 6-month montage of hanging with Jackie Welles. Pretty rote gameplay so far, though it’s a pretty game. Being a leftie, and having to remap all key bindings since movement control is is always the numpad for me since the Doom/Quake years, is something that has gotten really old for me, despite the fact I play very few shooters these days.

I wonder if gamepad is a better solution if you’re left-handed?..

Sadly Steam controllers didn’t catch on. They’re very customizable.