Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

I’m bombing through the Uncharted Trilogy in the meantime. Already knocked out 1 yesterday. I don’t think I can get through 2 and 3 by Thursday unless I don’t sleep. And quit my job. Probably both poor choices. Amazing how well they hold up for old ass games even with a remaster.

That’s really impressive. It took me two years to finish the first Uncharted, and about 4 years to finish Uncharted 2. I’m still playing Uncharted 3 on and off.

I don’t enjoy the gameplay in those games though, so it takes me a long time to force myself through them, so that I can see the story.

I quite enjoyed the gameplay for the most part. It’s a little bit of a clunk fest as it’s an older game, but it holds up quite well. I get quite amused by the various ways he can die. Reminds me of old school Prince of Persia. I also forgot how freaking intense the game gets towards the end. There’s some seriously stressful stuff at the end.

I think it becomes available around the point you go to Pacifica for the main quest. I think I saw someone mentioning that, but I could be wrong.

I think that’s right but I can’t remember when that is!

I think I’m in the minority, but I actually LIKED cyberpunk when it came out.

There were certainly issues, but I actually liked exploring the city and stuff.

It would have benefited, greatly, from improved enemy AI, but even as it was, I still liked it a lot.

It sounds like they’ve improved a lot of the game’s early limitations, so I gotta figure it’s pretty awesome now. Again though, I think my opinions here are a minority view.

Liking Cyberpunk at launch was not much of a minority opinion on this forum :) It made 3rd place in the Quarterlies!

I loved the game the first time around, and it has been long enough that I’m in for a full replay starting from scratch.

It’ll definitely be as FemV again, it’s a tremendous voice acting performance.

Yeah, this thread stayed pretty favorable through the launch. There was a lot of negativity about the game out there, but not much here at Qt3.

I remember when it first came out and I was clipping out of the vehicle in the first few minutes. I didn’t give up much longer after that. It was in no way ready to be released. I’m super glad i just kind of put it to the side to see what happens so it’s still fresh for me.

I didn’t play much at launch (I did play a bit, and I enjoyed most of it, but it could very clearly benefit from more time on the oven, so I stopped to play and planned to go back once some major patches had arrived), but I did play quite a bit when 1.6 arrived and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I didn’t finish the game though, because they announced Phantom Liberty when I was halfway through it and I decided to wait (again). So I guess my first full playthrough starts on Thursday ;)

Rock8man, the impressive thing here is that you ended up finishing a game you don’t like after four years. I finish games, or I drop them, but I don’t put them in a weird limbo for years :P

If you do wanna preorder Phantom Liberty, you’ll have about 5 and half days from the time the review embargo lifts to the game going live on PC. (Embargo lifts at 11am EDT/5pm CEST)

Is phantom liberty a whole new story, or just kind of a DLC package? Like WItcher 3 had some packages after release if I recall… I never played them, because I always have a hard time getting back into a game after I beat it.

You are missing out. Both the W3 DLCs are freaking amazing, are each complete narrative arcs, and are both arguably better than the main narrative in W3 itself. (Arguably…not trying to start a fight here)

This is the game I wanted to make in 1999. Wish I had the resources.

That…sounds awesome. I suspect one of the problems is that engines that do one thing really well don’t handle the other things nearly as well. Another may well be that designers tend to be good at either FPS or RPGs, and rarely both. But no reason you couldn’t, with good management and vision, and enough money, bring 'em together effectively I guess!

Spot on. Hearts of Stone is as good a quest as I’ve ever played in any game. It’s the standout quest of the series, imo. And Blood & Wine is basically Witcher 4.

I think I’m just about ready to start Cyberpunk. I appreciate all you beta testers. Does the game give you a good taste of the classes/builds or do you have to choose early on?

It pushes you toward netrunner, which is basically the mage/ hacker class. There’s one equipment slot for a cyberdeck, and you can place either the “help me hack stuff,” the “make me a berserker” or the “let me stop time” gear in it. You get the “help me hack stuff” starter piece for free, almost immediately.

The other pieces are harder to find. And if you’re going for a time-stop build (aka Sandevistan), you have to know not to offend the game’s most obnoxious NPC, or you loss access to the best Sandevistan in the game.

Also, you cannot respec attributes. Intelligence is critical for hackers, and mostly useless for everyone else. So you have to decide very early on what path to take.

Mild Spoiler for people going Sandevistan: Do not punch or otherwise piss off Fingers, despite how much he deserves it.

I suppose Silverhand is technically a player character.

A Fingers-Silverhand bout would be pure bliss, as long as they kill each other.