Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

I ran the benchmark after 2.0 and was getting 64 fps on my custom settings for my 3060ti and after updating my drivers I lost around 4 fps in the benchmark. Sigh.

Has anyone tried the RTX on a RTX 2080ti? Every time I’ve tried it in the past, the option had terrible performance so I just turn it off. I’m seriously considering a double dip on the PC side to compliment my PS5/couch time.

Do I understand right that crafting is now open to all builds? I can’t find any ‘gatekeeping’ in the tech perk tree.

If so, best change ever, along with loot changes.

New cyberware system is also great.

DF reviews Ray Retracing in DLSS 3.5 in the new Cyberpunk 2077 patch.

TL;DR: this might be a kind of breakthrough moment in RT graphics tech – there are still some issues for sure, but it seems like it makes path tracing RT into a viable thing going forward.

Yes! There is only one associated perk and I believe it affects only how much material you get.

What a great video which really shows how amazing the graphics in CP2077 are.

I have a 3080 and now I feel I need a 4090.

I got to keep an eye out for that. I didn’t read the patch notes until after my first session with the patch and was pleasantly surprised when I run into the new arcade game Trauma Drama. Would be cool if they eventually replace all the arcade cabinets with working games!

Started a new game as a street kid, the game runs a hell of a lot better than when I last played it at version 1.06

Does the game run a lot better… of did you have a hardware upgrade at any moment in the last three years?

Well yeah I did, lol. 3080ti and a 5900x might have something to do with the better performance also. :)

I last played this game in December 2020.

I thought so ;)

Hell, I played CP with my old gtx 1080 when it released in 2020!

Heh, just about everything but my motherboard has been replaced since Cyberpunk’s initial release.

3700X > 5900X
64GB 3200 CAS16 DDR4 > 32GB 3600 CAS14 DDR4
Vega 56 > 6800XT
NVMe 3.0 > NVMe 4.0
Sound Blaster Z > Sound Blaster AE-7

Just as a warning, the Nomad start seems to be basically impossible at the harder difficulties due to unavoidable scripted damage during the chase. New issue in 2.0 they somehow missed.

So for Nomad, it’s probably better to bump down to Easy for the opening sequence and only switch to Hard once in Night City. That sequence is not representative of the difficulty of the rest of the game :)

I replaced basically every part of my setup during my initial at-launch playthrough. But not all at once, since the parts kept arriving piecemeal over a couple of weeks due to that being the time when there was a simultaneous drought on all hardware.

So I played the first 15 hours on a 3700k with a 1070 and a 27 inch IPS monitor. Ugraded the GPU to a 3070, played another 15 hours. Upgraded the CPU to a 5800X, as well as all the related junk like motherboard and memory. And then another 20 hours later a new 32 inch monitor.

Cobbling together real-world upgrades in parallel to doing upgrades and progression in-game was kind of awesome and felt very thematic.

Really happy with the new progression system and loot/crafting&economy in general. Playing as netrunner on Very Hard (also first time using smart weapons and loving it!) and I’m always excited when I’m able to upgrade a piece of my kit for a reasonable bump in power, but not overboard like it was pre 2.0.

Combat also feels much better now, I don’t know if they adjusted weapon handling mechanics but it sure feels like it.

Yeah, I felt that too. Hard even to describe what exactly changed, but the combat feels a lot better overall, and shooting is a lot more engaging than I remember.

Everything has been tweaked to be better. I was legit enjoying just driving around. So many open world games cock up the vehicles, but they are pretty fun now. I’m still seeing jank here and there, but it’s not really an issue. I have no idea what to spec my stuff into, but running around slashing people is pretty fun.

I did the Nomad start on Normal last night. No problems. The car chase part?

Yes, the car chase part.
I’ve tried about 6 times in Hard and always died in the same spot just before the end of the chase.
I’ve changed to Easy for this part because something felt off.