Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Kind of anticlimactic. I started a new game a few days ago, and haven’t yet reached the new DLC instersection point. :/

You do get a new car if you purchased the DLC.

You in a rush or something?

I started a new game, but I’m now pretty close to the point where it should unlock. That if Judy and Panam stop calling me for help all the time. ;)

You have smart guns, charged tech weapons and power weapons, together with truly different characteristics between just the same class of weapons. I’m not sure what you are looking for?

A lot of the recoil is meant to be mitigated by perks, and also certain pistols are designed to hit like trucks with a low fire rate so compared to an assault rifle and depending on quality, they would almost certainly behave differently. Coming into this game, the assault rifles and SMGs are designed to be used more like full auto weapons at closer range. Save your plinking for pistols, precision rifles and sniping rifles - the skill tree is broken across those lines too.

I just so happened to be right before the mission that opens the dlc without knowing it. I won’t spoil anything but it’s really intense. And I had to pry myself away to go to bed. I legit don’t remember the last time I got so into a game and I’m positive I will go through again at some point with a totally different build. So glad they fixed this as what they accomplished in the end is freaking nuts.

Does anyone know if level cap is automatically raised if you purchase Phantom Liberty or do you have to start it first?

This is so freaking good with the 2.0 patch. Ended up marathoning through a new game and just got the call for the DLC. My V is a high mobility shotgunner, dashing up to an enemy before I obliterate them with a double barrel blast to their head. Got double jump, an air dash, and I can slow down time. Couldn’t be more pleased with the game, the fights feel so good now.

No idea. I’d guess you just need to have it installed, but I could be wrong.

The one cool thing is how they tied in the new dlc. It fits in like any other mission. You would even know it was dlc. No idea on the level cap, it if I were to guess I’d say you probably just need to buy the dlc to raise the cap.

I was noticing how good shotguns were during the early levels, the stun effect seems really handy and they one shot, and that was with no skills at all helping. I imagine that could be a nasty build, especially if you equip multiple for when a reload isn’t practical.

I just reinstalled it to see how it looks with the new raytracing. 56fps with frame generation on in the benchmark, ouch. That’s too low for frame gen, you can notice artifacts when things move fast.
78fps with ray tracing in psycho, but without Path tracing. 100fps without ray tracing (73fps without frame gen).

Got into a shoot-out last night and thought there was a bug because one of the enemies was zipping around weirdly fast. Then I heard the sound effect and realized it was a feature, not a bug. Very cool.

That sounds fun. I’m trying to determine what the fun builds are. I don’t want first person melee.

I don’t know slowing down time and zipping around cutting off heads is pretty damn fun. I’m sure I could pull off some totally sick moves if I wasn’t inept. :) There as so many different builds that you could do. Smart gun expert… Hacker who using the environment. Shotgun builds… Stealth ninja.

My next build will be more around hacking as I have like 4 points in intel. I’m focused totally on being a sword dealing madman. You could also go blunt which has different perks. Knife throwing which I haven’t tried.

It’s absolutely insane how ‘addictive’ it is. “Just one more NCPD encounter, just one more gig”, etc. It’s the sheer gameplay smoothness and enjoyment that I get out of it that drives this for me. It’s one of those games that are legit fun playing with different builds despite going through the same content.

And that alone honestly would’ve been good enough for me, like a really solid ARPG, but then you get absolutely stunning visuals and gripping story encounters on top and it’s just insane.

I don’t know how, but the Polish madmen did it.

Hands down one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played, and if you told me at launch I’d be saying this down the line I’d call you crazy.

Agreed. Few games have drawn me in as this one has. Night City has such as sense of place, maybe more than any other open world city I’ve been in, and it’s just full of stuff to do, I wanna do all of it.

Can confirm, I took shotguns as well. I actually just spec’d off air dash (while keeping dash) in favor of going str and tech so I could go full on cyberpsycho by filling my body with chrome. Both are absolutely working on very hard mode, which really isn’t that hard, at least with shotguns. Right now I only have issues when I overextend and run out of stamina before getting back into cover.

I loved playing through this game the first time with a net runner build, but it was wildly overpowered and made the game a bit boring. 2.0 changed all that around and it’s now challenging enough that I have to constantly dodge grenades, psychos using slow time, and getting hacked myself. Having a grand old time just doing side gigs.

You’re crazy. ;)

But honestly though, it isn’t that different than launch as far as I can recall, it was a great game even back then that got caught up in a social media slagfest. Then again, I had nice things to say about Redfall, so maybe I’m the type of gamer that likes taking in wounded animals.

I disagree it was so totally broken and the systems so complicated that it was very hard to get into. It deserved all the crap that it got in the beginning. I tried so many times even with 1.6 and kept on deflecting off the overly complicated systems they had in place and the terrible performance the game had. And now with 2.0 I’m totally hooked and even with an older rig it’s running really well even with RT on.

I was just surprised how ‘out of control’ it felt to use guns in 2077 after such a long time. I realize it was probably perks and stats that makes guns more effective, but the vanilla gun control was kind of wildly inaccurate.