Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

The previews start

Another one

Raytracing incoming

And more screenshots

Nvidia has a couple 4K RTX ray-traced shots.


You came 12 hours too late ;)

Easy Allies impressions, go to this is the link, around 1:30h.

Haha right you are, sorry! :)

No surprise on the weak gunplay. The Witcher 3 had weak melee combat and the game did fine.

No surprise they’re struggling with racial stereotypes either, given that they hardly had any diversity in their previous games.

Expectations: same.

There will also probably be a brothel every 30 feet (9.144 meters) on every street.

I’m glad the RPS article brought this stuff up. I don’t understand the readiness to fall back on racial stereotypes. It’s infuriating how unimaginative game devs can be. It’s the future! It’s cyberpunk! You have a blank check to imagine a world where anything is possible, where identity and origin can mean anything.

I guess they just don’t give a shit.

The insensitive trans ad in game is also another instance of what appears to be them trolling their “SJW” critics.

I don’t get it, a white guy in a suit told the character something that turned out to be correct so that’s validation of their view that there are regressive racial stereotypes? Or is it more that they don’t want a scifi game that deals with racial issues, and would rather more imaginative storytelling?

It’s only the kind of thing you can judge when you see more than a quick gameplay demo, the intent and purpose of everything that is shown on screen is just as important as what is actually shown. I think RPS is just fishing for clicks here.

Gunplay is another matter, everyone wants good gunplay but average combat mechanics didn’t stop TW3 from being GOAT.

Given the source material it is utterly inevitable that halfway through the white guy in the suit will be revealed to be the real bad guy all along.

Precisely, as you say, it’s Cyberpunk. It isn’t a happy, cool future.
The setting is based on today’s world… only worse. Injustice is in the menu, oppression, and megacorps have all the power. Drugs are rampart, economic disparity is enormous. It isn’t supposed to be a fancy, positive science fiction. If anything it’s kind of retro future, even, there is a moment on the private presentation where they talk of being in a private “BBS” .

Never mind that the accusation of being stereotypical with minorities just because there was a gang with black members is eye rolling. Past year we had a long video where the enemies were mostly white* and nothing happened. Now they are black, and it’s maybe-racist! It is if you have a short memory, I guess. Apart that common sense would be to do that kind of judgment with the final game, as a single mission isn’t going to represent what surely will be a 100 hour monster of experience.

*I admit, it’s kind of weird to call something that is half a robot “white”, lol

If they only put white people is bad, people wiill shout because of lack of representation, but if they put people of other races and cultures (like here, where Haiti people, both good and bad, appear, they even use Creole) is also bad because they are in an impoverished area and lots of them are in a gang.
Thing is, in this game 80% of the people you interact with are going to be criminals, thugs, gangs or assholes. Hell, it’s a bit ironic complaining of that, it’s as if somehow people forget that YOU, the main character (of whatever race you choose), are also a dangerous criminal who most probably is going to kill tons of people.

The insensitive trans ad is perfect. It’s funny how people are complaining, the same people who complains how they aren’t dealing with the underlying themes of Cyberpunk… except they are doing it, precisely, with that ad.
This is a setting where the ‘sacredness’ of the human body has been lost. The human body, like the rest of the world, has been exploited by the late-stage capitalism, it has been marketed, commoditized, and fetichized. People exchange body parts as a fashion statement.
‘In your face’, extreme ads that abuse trans themes to sell you a fucking can of coke is perfect in every way for the setting.

Bingo. You should never appease these morons.

What’s the name of the gang?


It is Mike Pondsmith’s setting. Anybody that doesn’t like it should go tell him that to his face.

I’ll be over here with the popcorn.

That bloomberg interview got so buried in that post, but I always like interviews with Iwinski, such genuine guy…as long as he stays at CDP the company is in good hands.

A Cyberpunk game that aims to please everybody would be a sight to behold avoid.

The gang of the Haiti guy is the Voodoo boys. Typical I know.
Although it isn’t bad name for a cyber hacker gang. Because they can do ‘black magic’ with computers and do ‘spooky’ things (kill someone at a great distance, etc).

TBH, even if I full subscribe to what I said to my previous long post, Cyberpunk 2020 (which I played a bit many years ago) is ALSO a collage of stereotypical cyberpunk, a mix of ‘greatest hits’ list put in a blender. Depending of you how handle it, it can be very stereotypical and almost bland.

No surprise from RPS and their virtue signaling “journos”.

Looking forward to this game, hopefully gunplay will be better than just ‘good’ with half a year to tweak it.