Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Such clickbait.

Looks good to me.

In curated marketing shots it does look great.

Is there any reason to think those shots are inaccurate to how the game will look on high end PC? I don’t think so.

I’m sure it will look great (well, likely less so on Xbox One or PS4). I just found it amusing that you, of all people, would use marketing shots to refute the difference between images of an early trailer and a gameplay preview.

3060 is scheduled to launch in less than two weeks, and estimates put it at same level of performance as 2080ti, at ~400$ MSRP. Might be worth waiting for benchmarks and then decide.

Otherwise nvidia is still the best option right now thanks to DLSS, especially if it’s going to start seeing wide adoption, which I can definitely see happening.

I’m pretty sure that the "bad"shot is kind of cherry picked to look bad though.

The bad shot looks like something I could play on my PC, so it’s probably on the low end of settings. Or current generation consoles. (since the latest are always next gen :P)

It’s also an outdoor shot with high light levels, when their aesthetic is based around grungy nightime shots with a few point light sources.

Refute the difference between CGI, prerendered trailer done by GoodbyeKansas Studios

And gameplay trailer?

There is nothing to refute, it has always been idiotic to compare CGI and realtime ingame, which is why I called it clickbait. My point was that ingame Johnny looks fine, even if he will never look as fine as in CGI trailer, because that is impossible at this moment in time.

Jesus, people are really believing that meme image? It’s supposed to be a joke!

The ‘top’ image is from the CG trailer people. Yeah the real game doesn’t look as good as CG…

edit: oh, already covered by Paul.

The funny thing is, the bottom image looks more realistic to me, almost like a photo

OK? I have no argument with the premise that a CG trailer looks better than an in-game shot. Again, I was struck by how YOU posted a couple of marketing shots with no comment other than “looks good to me” which is about as illuminating as pointing to the menu picture of a dish and saying the food looks delicious in a restaurant.

As I said, I don’t assume those screens are somehow doctored and not representative of the game. So I still don’t really get your issue. Johnny looks fine ingame, albeit worse than in CG trailer.

How do people not understand in 2020 that CGI will of course look better than in-game and it’s silly to compare them?

Just a heads up that the PS4 version is out in the wild (it’s legit) so be wary of spoilers in the next couple of weeks.
(175 hours, 45 minutes of playtime)

I wonder if this means his latest completionist playtime of the whole game or what. If it does, then it’s about same length as Witcher 3 (took me 200 without expansions) which is what I expected.

Damn that’s gonna be annoying.

So we’re waiting an extra 3 weeks for last-gen, and now last-gen has leaked and we’re stuck avoiding spoilers?

Fuck consoles.

Doesn’t it have to be unlocked on release day at specific time by the TRON Master Control Program before the user can play it?

That’s on PC, not in consoles.