Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Just a heads up that my performance experience has worsened. Basically as soon as I finished up the intro story, that avg framerate dipped into the low 40s… I now have FPS going as low as 31 and up to 57, but usually lower than that.

Not sure why the intro story would be better optimized than the rest, but it definitely is disappointing.

You mean up until you do the first mission with Jackie? Or beyond that? If it’s just the origin story stuff, it might be because those are mostly on rails and they probably don’t have to load any of the wider areas or whatever because you can’t go anywhere.

It’s because you’re led by the nose on rails in a cordoned off subset of Night City.

I found sometimes NVidia DLSS gets turned off. If you’re using that, make sure it’s still on.

Seems a bit… light on fixes? Am I nuts?

It depends a bit on what is hidden under the “stability improvements”. But yes, it does not say anything about fixing either of the two most annoying tech issues (for me; all the glitches where the audio/graphics/input get stuck in an odd state, and the performance degradation over time). Nor does it address the most common mission breaking bug (the elevator miniboss in The Heist).

Makes one wonder about what those dramatic improvements they were supposedly seeing in the daily builds, and that made them think it could be released… If this is what they get done in a month (excluding the holidays), it seems a bit unlikely that they were really making huge amounts of progress everyu day.

That seems like a sustainable output from a team of software developers that isn’t being worked to the bone. Let’s hope that’s the case. I can wait longer for my videogame to get better.

Couple of quick observations on my PC.

  1. Upon loading the game with the new patch I got the ‘can’t use my weapons’ glitch which was solved by interacting with a vendor. Once I did that I could draw my weapons as usual.

  2. FPS got a boost on my end. On my 8700K with 2080 running at 1440p, the performance boost is impressive. Prior to this patch my machine would get frames in the upper 20s ~ low 30s in the meaty part of the city with RTX off, but now I’m getting 35+ with RTX on. I don’t know if this FPS increase is due to optimization magic or behind the scenes culling of graphical stuff for the last gen consoles. I bet Digital Foundry will do a video soon on what’s changed with this patch.

  3. Car handling seems improved but I don’t know if that’s a fix or a placebo. They feel less slippery to me.

I don’t think car handling changed. At least, it didn’t feel any different to me.

Performance may have increased marginally for me. Hard to tell.

I was playing for about 10 minutes when my HUD got all weird (lower left corner) and two phone calls came in at the same time resulting in this monstrosity.


Fyi it breaks legendary save scumming and has game breaking progression bug with goro

Also kills almost all traffic and reduces draw distance noticeable on console

The new patch 1.1 has been disastrous for me on XSX. Not only has it not fixed the Epistrophy questline as the patch notes say it does, it has made it worse. Now, Delamain doesn’t call at all, the cabs are still unresponsive and selecting an Epistrophy sub quest breaks the GPS pathfinding for quests entirely unless I reload the game.

Why can’t CDPR seem to get their act together?

It’s kind of amazing that they put out a patch that everyone who reads the patch notes replies with:
“That’s it?”
And most of the people who play the game after it seem to respond with:
“You fucked it up even worse.”

In all seriousness, sorry you are having trouble with the patch.

I have not seen this on XSX (still looks great, plenty of traffic), but on the base consoles it may well be “as intended”. They don’t really have much breathing room for optimisation beyond downgrading and reducing ped and traffic density.

I finished the game earlier tonight. What a trip. Often game endings are a letdown, this, to me, wasn’t. I loved the philosophical implications of the choise of what person you are playing, and the choices you make. It broke the fourth wall in a deliciously subtle manner that tickled me just right.

I uninstalled, but look forward to revisiting in a month or 5, 6.

9/10 game for me. Guess I got lucky with the technical bugs, as I hardly saw any. Game was fast, slick, good looking on my decrepit old box.

The setting and world building were so right for me. I ding them perhaps a .1 point for every female ass looking perfect and sometimes unpractically sexy outfits. But to me it’s almost perfectly cyberpunk. For me, it lived up to the hype.

I enjoyed it immensely as well, though to me, it’s a 6/10 game that I happened to like a lot. I find the problems nearly crippling, and it’s hard to tell what’s a bug and what’s sloppy design, and what’s “we havd to cut it because we ran out of time.” It’s a hot mess, but one I’d hit on again.

I agree… Maybe 8/10 for me. Looking forward to playing again with the Enhanced Edition!

Yeah, 6/10 for me too. Game gave me this tonight:

A six out of ten? Ouch! That’s like a 7 on the 7-9 scale.