Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Or a 6 on the 6 out of 6 scale!

It’s almost like you can see the seams remaining where they tore out every system that was more complex than what Witcher 3 had, probably for a combination of performance on consoles and quest-breaking bugs (which they still haven’t completely eliminated…)

However, the physical environment is so tawdrily beautiful and believable to me as a city and a setting for this story, (almost) all is forgiven.

Yeah, it’s a weird game all around. I am eager to jump back in when there is new stuff to do, or when they significantly fix/upgrade what’s there to make it worthwhile for another run… I did two full runs though and got my fill for now.

Mass Vulnerability QuickHack feels like cheating.

It’s the most eurojanky average game ever. Mediocre in all aspects except use of ray tracing.

It’s funny, because with the perspective time gives, since I finished it almost a month ago, I can say now the big problems of the game were not the bugs, or the performance, or the AI, or the city not being alive enough.
Not even the balance problems, my selective memory has clouded that part as if it wasn’t really that important. I guess it wasn’t.

What I remember as the main problem is the story. Some characters are wasted, others are not good enough, some plot hooks ended being underwhelming, I didn’t care for V or Johnny, or gave a damn for the chip. I don’t think they are going to ‘patch’ the story in the next updates right?

I imagine they might have more memory to work with if the game wasn’t full of vestigial gameplay systems from The Witcher that are utterly useless. I’m looking at you food and drink mechanic.

And there are SO MANY types of food and drink that all do the same thing.

It was pretty much that every food restored health and every drink restored stamina, right? I remember just picking random food out of my inventory.

I dunno. Because each combat encounter gave me about 5-6 healing potions, which is like 3-4 more than I actually used, so it’s to the point where I can tap Q to heal hundreds of times before I run out.

So you’re saying the real problem was the friends we made along the way?

Thanks for this, it was driving me nuts looking for a workaround! Going to try the workaround from this article now. Fingers crossed…

Yeah. Healing is weird. They made it a consumable thing, but in 4 hours, you’ll have about a hundred units, and your stock will just grow from there until it’s virtually an unlimited supply. The only pressure for healing is making sure you hit the heal button before you die.

This is a giant area where Cyberpunk compares unfavorably to the Witcher. There are about 6-10 characters in the Witcher that are more interesting than anyone in Cyberpunk. The characters in Cyberpunk seem to begin and end with the requirements of the genre tropes.

@jpinard if you’re still playing, and still looking to level Athletics, here’s a glitch to max out in a few minutes. Confirmed it still works:

Nice! Thanks!

I wonder if later on (summer) they’ll rebalance some of this stuff. The Athletics system is not right at all.

In my first completionist 108 hour run I only hit 6 athletics running everywhere legitimately.

At least this game is visually stunning

I am over 100hrs in and still only at 3 athletics. The progression for it is clearly broken.