Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Still waiting on the hotfix for Down on the Street bug. I can’t do a thing until it’s patched. Grrrr

Ran into another main quest progress stopper: Wakako will stay on the phone forever waiting for details if you go with her to get a certain BD recording.

Help me understand a few things: I bought this game day one and didn’t have the benefit of guidance here. So I world it up and immediately i had keyboard controls that were off… I just let this game lie for a month or so to await a simple patch that would let me move forward with the arrow keys –

Have the controls gotten better? And btw what game production supervisor has the absolute arrogance in this day and age to expect you to learn new keyboard commands for movement?

Or am i just old fashioned.

Cyberpunk uses the correct keys for movement: WASD. If you want to use the new-fashioned arrow keys, you can get off its lawn.

Pffft. That’s not old. Actual old people know that arrow keys existed on keyboards before WASD was used for movement in games.

What new keyboard scheme are you referring to? There is a better bindings mod on nexus.

I may get off its lawn = but i wonder why the arrow keys cant be the movement keys in a modern game. Even if they have to be reset. And why is the “f” key set to interaction? why can’t i set the keys like I want?

See you can say anything you want about this game to defend it. I am betting that its fine. But if you cannot set the keyboard keys and mouse keys to the basic controls (like any game that has been started since skyrim) I wonder.

rei I will check out that nexus mod on binding keys. Thks!

Let me add this: In now way would I have ever imagined that a game that was hyped like Cyber2077 would have left me – someone that was a target audience for this freakin game – trying to figure out how to move my character …I mean really – not allowing for the arrow keys?

What? I’m 49 and used WASD on Apple II games.

Hotfix 1.11 is out.

This update restores item randomization and fixes a bug which affected some users’ holocall with Takemura in Down on the Street quest.

Control maps were all over the place until the late 90’s, but arrow keys were probably most common. I’m not 100% sure but I think Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II was the first (mainstream, 90s) FPS to release with WASD as the default setup. Quake 2 shipped with a custom WASD cfg you could load from the console, but it was still arrow keys in the default options I think. It wasn’t until '98 (Half-Life, etc) onwards that WASD was the standard.

You were, apparently, ahead of the curve. :)

Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were originally arrow-key default.

Edit: Found the Wolenstein manual to prove it.

I still find it so arbitrary and weird that wasd even became a thing since esdf is just better and more sensible.

Like who actually thought, hey you know that home row position that even a blind guy can find? Lets just move left of that for no reason.

WASD is the resting position for the left hand when they teach typing.

It’s easier to hit the ctrl key with your pinky from WASD

I don’t think this is actually correct. Usually, they teach you that your index fingers go on the F and J keys (where the little bumps are).

As already noted, nope. It’s SDF/JKL

Ah, the vi bindings! They’re awesome.

I started a new from scratch 1.1 run and Takemura called me.

However, Brendan the vending machine will not trigger. Fucking thing.

You’re hate-playing it a second time? That’s bold.

Yikes, no. Placing fingers on WASD means the pinky needs to merely move front and back to reach both shift and control. On homerow keys (ESDF), you have to stretch the pinky quite uncomfortably to reach control. WASD also puts my thumb in better reach of the alt key as well. The number of available keys afforded by easy reach of control and alt far outweighs the few keys gained from ESDF. Maybe it is a hand-size thing?