Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Balance in this game is completely busted lol. Well, this thing specifically:

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to hacking when you can just pop this bad boy and mow down everything in sight with your weapon of choice.

This is on very hard:

Can’t deny that it’s fun as hell though, I’m having a hard time thinking of another game that replicates the Ghost in The Shell cyber ninja gameplay as well as this one. I’m switching between katanas and gorilla arms now, I had no idea that they contribute to body skill checks! You get a whopping +6 to body for skill check purposes with the legendary version. I have 18 in body so this doesn’t benefit me much, but it’s good to keep in mind for future characters. Haven’t tried mantis blades yet.

I’m also chromed up to the gills now, it’s mental:

Got stuff like health on kill, max health when near death, second heart, 30% all cyberware reduction (mental), 35% all resistance, 10% reduced inc dmg, 300 flat armor, increased mitigation chance and strength, optical camo which is insane on its own but really shines with Sandevistan, 50% more health, 25% more attack speed, and of course the classic, double jump.

Going to be hard rolling anything but reflex/body in the future. Fun factor is off the charts.

Yeah, that is where the game excels, in this sort of moment to moment gameplay, rather than the big-picture story and RPG stuff.

Nice thing about the mantis blades is their high attack speed, which goes well with the Sandevistan.

Also, Sandevistan plus gorilla arms trivialized the boxing matches.

I wondered if those mods were valid in those matches, one of the few side jobs I didn’t complete. I finally started blocking/dodging like I’m supposed to but ultimately couldn’t be assed to finish.

They are, Sandevistan too. I never tried cyberdecks back in my previous run but I think that one didn’t work. Apparently cyberware that is triggered under specific conditions (detection, etc) works too.

Can’t remember if I bought or looted this recipe, but it’s nifty.


Can slot multiple copies, and the bonus stacks.

Pretty much bullet time on demand. I can activate it twice before camo runs out.

That’s insane. Unfortunately I’m doing min tech run so crafting is out of question.

It’s painful how much untapped potential this game has on the gameplay front - at this stage I’d honestly farm it out to modders or other developers to fix the balance, because CDPR is clearly incapable of doing so, as evident by their last 3-4 games. The perks and synergies between them are so well thought out, but it all goes out the window when you can reliably one or two tap enemies with literally any weapon you choose to focus on. There is absolutely no point in picking up perks related to bleeding, stun, health on attack, missing health, or pretty much anything else for that matter, when you can just roll up to the encounter, pop Sandevistan (and optionally optical camo) and go to town on enemies, oneshotting everyone in your path. Stealth is optional for this mission = defaults to yes. Why in the hell would I bother making my way to the main computer in a mission to shut down the cameras when there is absolutely zero reason to doing so? All these options end up being completely pointless.

This is 100% correct. The NPCs often recommend stealth or, like Takemura and Panam, chastise me for not being stealthy. In actuality, on normal difficulty the enemies are dead within moments of detecting me. I increased the difficulty to hard just to have combat (which is a lot of fun!) last longer.

Two of my pet peeves in games are the NPCs nagging you to be stealthy, when it doesn’t matter one whit, and mandatory stealth missions where getting seen, even if you could kill everyone there with a pencil, means you fail and have to start over.

Like you’d have a pencil in 2077.

Technically Johnny is from the 2020s, maybe his digital persona carries a non-digital pencil on him.

I am already on very hard and for the life of me cannot find any enemies that last more than 5 seconds. Only cyberpsychos allow me to actually proc some perks.

They definitely have cans of spray paint, so why not a pencil?

One of the last ‘high’ level missions I had left.

I’m still disappointed at the disconnect between fun combat and absence of any kind of difficulty.

Has anyone played Dying Light 2? I’m in the mood for more parkour and melee gameplay and I can’t think of anything else that would be close to what CP77 allows.

Goddamnit I can’t believe I’m actually contemplating another run as soon as I wrap up this one. I think I’ll go full RP on the next one now that I’ve thoroughly tested the limits of mechanics and their effect on combat. I kinda regret skipping over so many conversations, some are exceptionally well done.

Also, Night City looks frickin amazing. I’m finding myself just cruising the badlands in my Caliburn from time to time, with no real goal.

Yeah, I started a male corpo game the day after finishing my first female nomad run, and plan to do a streetkid playthrough as well. The game is good! Sort of a flawed gem, with all the bugs I still see, but I’ve certainly gotten plenty of mileage out of it.

Cherami Leigh (Female V) is a better voice actor than Gavin Drea (Male V), but Gavin does play a good sleazebag so it’s easy to not take too seriously.

Street is the best background bit, though all are too truncated by far. Corpo writes checks it can’t cash, and Nomad is just sort of meh IMO. They do the job, but really, once you are in the game proper, your only connection with your origin story is a handful of mostly meaningless dialog choices.

That said, yeah, what is good in this game is damn good, which makes all the other parts that much more annoying.

We’ll hear some concrete details about the first expansion later this year but it won’t ship until 2023.

Is the next-gen Witcher 3 also pushed to 2023?

Delayed with no time given for release. Apparently the developer they were working with on it is in Russia.

The next-gen version was reported to be handed to Saber Interactive’s Russia studio for development, so I can see why that might be a problem in the current environment.