Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

So with the next gen versions finally out and me being done with Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West for a bit I’m finally playing this, so this is all old news but I had to complain because WTF were they thinking with no HUD for directions while driving? This is a game where I have cyber eyes! Use AR to give me turn markers or put a line on the road, it’s 2022 and I’m spending all my time staring at a tiny mini-map in the corner instead of the graphics engine you put all that effort into.

What’s extra fun about that is that there’s race missions where that happens, so it’s built into the engine on some level. They just couldn’t be arsed to make it a part of the actual game.

Pleased this is getting a real expansion at some point.


I picked up cyberpunk a long while ago, and finally got around to playing it.

You know, maybe it’s just that I waited until the game had been at least moderately patched up, but it’s really a whole lot better than I was expecting! Not that it was great, mind you. Most of the “gig” missions (of which I did all of them, except for giving back skippy) were pretty meh, though the random missions that were just kinda weird were usually significantly more fun. Some of the story missions were pretty good, I liked the braindancing mechanic more than the witcher-mode stuff.

I played as a smart pistol toting city girl, and the combat was OK. Not the best shooter I’ve played (the AI was often a bit brain dead) but better than the average witcher 3 combat. Stealth mostly worked, and it was nice to have stealth often be an optional thing, where I could stealth for a while, strangle a few dudes, hide the bodies, and then when I got spotted it was fine to just open up on whoever was left. Hacking was left mostly to the side, as all the reviews I read above seemed to make it sound like some OP stuff, and the game wasn’t particularly hard as it was.

The city itself was really impressive, and really felt like a place, and not just a map some people crafted together out of interchangeable parts. Probably one of the better characters in the game, though many of the voice actors did a pretty decent job - most of the main characters were well enough acted to let me get into the story and didn’t pull me out with silly delivery.

I could have gone for a few more moments like the video below (which is from the most cyberpunk of all cyberpunk games ever), but instead we got Johnny fucking silverhand. Everytime V asked Johnny to shut up, I was there for it. SHUT THE FUCK UP SILVERHAND.

I want to thank everyone in the thread who really set my expectations. I went in expecting a 6 out of 10, and got more like an 8, and was really pleasantly surprised! It’s no witcher 3 - there don’t seem to be a lot of meaningful and surprising choices that have long term impacts on the story, but I wasn’t expecting it, so I was pretty OK playing this as a game, and not cyber-witcher-2077.

70 freaking hours according to steam, which is way more than I expected I’d play! I would consider buying DLC if something comes out, especially if they hype up a story at all. The bones for a great game that can tell an amazing story is here, if they choose to go that way.

Trying to play CP on a lower-end AMD card? This impressive mod adds FSR2 support.

It will be also useful for gtx cards owners like me!

True dat, older Nvidia cards too.

Unsurprisingly FSR2 is really noticeably superior to FSR1 at 4k, particularly on thin objects like the fence in their comparison. FSR1 completely falls apart below 4k output resolution too, to the point where it’s complete garbage.

FSR2 and DLSS2 are very close in image quality at 4k, but DLSS2 is much faster. Of course this is a hack, so we shouldn’t be too tough on it. At 1440p DLSS2 looks substantially better to me (and it also much faster) but FSR2 is totally usable.

Got my new PS5 and started a 2nd playthrough. 1st of all, what a difference 60 fps makes vs pro!! One huge annoying thing, however, which could be a bug, is that so far, Regina in Watson isn’t offering me any cars to buy. I’ve done nearly all of her gigs in Watson, I’m level 8 with level 16 street cred and she wont even sell me that shitty chevette.

E// I mis-remembered, apparently the fixers won’t offer cars until Act 2, post heist mission.

Someone check out the Drone Companion mod and see if it’s as much fun as it looks :)

Finally, the expansions and updates after 1.6 will be PC/nextgen only.


They’ve finally added transmog! And plastic surgery at the ripperdocs.

CDPR also announced future plans to overhaul vehicular combat and the police system.

Which all sounds pretty great, to be honest…and also makes you wonder just how much they were hampered in the last 2, 2 1/2 years of the dev cycle trying to get things to run on last gen consoles instead of just eating that promise and going forward. (Which I guess from an investor standpoint, they had to do. But still.)

I am still looking forward to playing this at some point down the road. Looks like the longer I wait, the better the game gets!

New gigs and new weapons too.

Sir John Phallustiff will now have a new Iconic effect, increasing damage when hitting NPCs in the face. It will also have a chance to stun enemies with strong attacks. Gamepads will now be constantly vibrating while holding the weapon.