Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing when you go to the closet, I don’t think. You can build your cosmetic outfits from whatever you have in your inventory. I’m not sure I explained it well, because I’m not sure I understand your question.

You don’t need to care about the stats of the outfits you’re building in the closet, that’s only setting how you look. And at no point is any of this gear “consumed” or altered, if that’s a concern.

OK, let me put it this way: can I see the stats that are actually in effect only in regular inventory view? How do I check those?

N/m, it looks like from videos I’ve seen on YouTube that it’s the opposite of what I wrote before. You figure out the gear that gets you the stats you want in inventory view. In the closet view is where you assign appearances to that gear, as you noted.

Yeah, if no one told you they added this feature, you might play for a while without realizing it’s there because everything about equipping and using the functional gear with the armor and stats you care about happens the same way as before.

Really tempted to pick this up on the PC. Supposedly my processor can handle it fine (it’s an i7 6700) and my graphics card too, and now that (supposedly) my progress from the Xbox version carries over, why not? It’s just hard to get screen time on the big TV with my Mom around, and playing it over the Wifi through the Xbox app on my PC is not so great, since I’m limited to 1080p.

I really have no idea how I missed this (perhaps by not having read this topic in a long time trying to avoid spoilers while waiting for the Xbox Series X Enhanced version to come out), but I totally missed that the Series X update has been out for months now. Between that and the 1.6 patch, I guess it’s time to actually go back and play this! It’s been like 18 months since I touched it, so I’ll just start over from scratch because I mostly remember Keanu and the woman in the T-pose in the bar and not much else. :)

Also, I see there’s now cross-platform cloud progress saves! That makes me want to pick up the PC version, which is $29.99 right now. Because I can play it on my 49" monitor in 32:9 ultrawidescreen, and apparently also get decent performance on my “shipping soon” Steam Deck. But also chill on the couch and play it on the big TV on the Xbox.

Is anyone bouncing between PC and Xbox versions? Does the cross-save work well?

Question about the PC version: GOG or Steam?

I went for Steam because I’m getting a Steam Deck, so installing/maintaining would be a lot easier. Only real advantages of going GoG that I know of are (1) no DRM (so you don’t have to have Steam running) and (2) CDPR gets more of the money you’re spending.

I have a question for anyone who knows about real cyberpunk lore. I have tried googling this, but can’t get anywhere with this question due to all the answers about the game, not the lore.

Anyway, in the cyberpunk universe, are the AIs good or evil?

I know initial reactions to this game were very mixed, and I haven’t really been following it since I didn’t have a PC that could run it. Now I do (i5-12600K + RTX 3070).

Are folks pretty much happy with it now? Can I at least get 60 fps with my rig on high/ultra settings at 1080p, maybe even with RTX on if I dare?

Neutral, I think?

From the wiki:

Personality-wise, Artificial Intelligences play by their own internal logic, which is often skewed and hard to decipher. They possess the full spectrum of personalities, ranging from childlike and motivated by curiosity to Godlike, where the Artificial Intelligence is cognisant of the intellectual limitations of Homo sapiens. A Godlike Artificial Intelligence deals with humans as though they were ignoramuses. A.I’s have also demonstrated aberrant behaviour akin to schizophrenia and megalomania.

12600k and 3070 will run CP2077 beautifully. It’s a great game if taken as what it is, and not CDPR’s pre-release promises.

Any speculation on how my i7 6700 + GTX 3060 Ti would do? It’s above the recommended requirements on Steam.

I’d expect an excellent 1080p experience on high quality with DLSS. 1440p might be a bit trickier, but probably still fine with a VRR monitor.

With RT on, probably have to drop DLSS settings but I bet that’d be fine too.

I have a 1440p G-sync monitor (the go-to ASUS one from about 5 years ago), so maybe 1440p would be possible.

Now I just wonder if GOG or Steam is the way to go. No plans to buy a Steam Deck, but I wonder if Steam Workshop for mods is a thing with the Steam version.

It really doesn’t matter, follow your personal preference.

Cyberpunk just messed up my Xbox Series X output signal or at least I assume it was Cyberpunk, otherwise it was really odd timing.

I was playing Cyberpunk for the first time since the patch, I tried to hit the Xbox round logo button to switch to the Console “Desktop” and instead the screen went black for a while then my LG told me that I had no signal. Xbox was still clearly on, but the TV wasn’t receiving any signal at all. I played around with the TV inputs, toggling between them, but no joy.

I ended up fixing it by unplugging my HDMI cable and sticking it back in and it seems to be working again. I’ve never had this problem before with the Xbox or seen anything like it. It definitely makes me rather nervous.

Ok, so they are normal people, other than being super intelligent. That is a nice change. Also probably not so corruptible. Its not like they can get hooked on drugs and desire to make 10 billion eddies.

Weird. Hasn’t done that to me but I’ll keep an eye out for weirdness.

I think you can get RT Ultra preset in 1440p with DLSS on performance and maintain 60fps. I could too if I had your CPU, but with my lame Ryzen I play in nonRT Ultra instead.

Your CPU will bottleneck you hard if you enable RT. RT is CPU killer. 60fps should be fine with RT off though.

Anyway I was testing the game with 1.6 and took some shots while at it (these are with RT), I still love the atmosphere of Night City and can’t wait for the expansion.

Things like this are fairly common when GPU starts to go, I’ve had similar things happen with several graphic cards on the PC over the years. CP just happened to be the game you ran, but engaging the GPU and all the things that come with it (drivers etc) is what caused this, not the game itself.