Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

@Paul_cze nice screens! Unfortunately I cannot run the game at 60 fps with RT on my 3060ti because I’m on 1440p, but the game looks spectacular anyway, RT on or off. I’m really glad I gave it a second (and proper) shot a few months ago, totally changed my opinion on the game. Combat is just so much fun (especially melee!). Also looking to dive back in when the DLCs release - although, since I have a running campaign that’s close to the last mission, maybe I’ll jump in and do the extra content that’s available already.

Beautiful shots.

Sad to hear that my CPU is such a bottleneck with raytracing. I guess I’ve got to look into swapping (some of) the guts of my system (motherboard/CPU/RAM in any case).

You gotta admit they did a good job with the weapons.

Lovely :-(

Well it’s out of warranty at this point, I guess on the plus side, it’s not that hard to get a hold of an Xbox Series X now.

Loaded up 1.6 on the Series X and and discovered I had almost 10 hours into it, so went to see if I could just pick up where I left off. Um, given that I put it away to finish cooking at the end of December, 2020, nope, time to start a new game and go through that tutorial stuff again…

Anyone? Buehler?

If not, I’ll know soon enough. Just don’t want to get another 10 hours into it and then find out it screws things up…

Yep, when the expansion comes is probably when I will do an upgrade. I considered getting Ryzen 5800X3D now, but that would be buying CPU for a dead platform…and right now there are no games yet other than RT-powered Cyberpunk where I would need faster CPU.
But with expansion I want to do full new playthrough with female V, different origin and different class, and finally use RT.

Also, for those of you who’ve put a lot of time in the game… If I’m going to be re-spec’ing from scratch, what would you suggest for character build given my play style?

  • I like distance attacks. Sniping and hacking FTW.
  • Not really into crafting unless it makes a huge difference in my ability to stay alive during the end game.
  • Love avoiding fights via dialog, hacks and stealth

Basically, the Cyberpunk equivalent of a high-charisma thief/magic user who likes to sneak in and then attack from a distance…

Question: it’s still early-ish days for me (I met Johnny Silverhand not too long ago), but how am I supposed to counter an “overheat” attack by an enemy netrunner?

Find them and kill them.

I’m going to do a melee/hacking.

So there’s no “anti-hack” I can do? I would have thought there would be one.

Well if you’re a hacker, IIRC you can override the camera systems to get an eye on where they are and attack them remotely yourself.

I think there are some skills in the hacking related trees that counter or mitigate enemy hacks, but I can’t use those in my build so I’m not sure.

I’m all about pistols and stealth and now that includes a sandevistan. So it’s mostly silenced headshots or grabbing enemies from stealth for as long as I can get away with it, then going all matrix-bullet-time on them if I’m spotted or using that to flee if I’m truly overwhelmed. So far I haven’t had much trouble being hacked. When still undiscovered I’m taking people out before they react, when swarmed I can generally target the hacker before I’m in trouble.

I don’t know if that gets untenable later, but so far it’s working.

I linked my GOG and Xbox Live accounts and registered my Xbox copy with GOG on the Xbox but no joy-- can’t get my GOG PC version to see my latest Xbox saves.

And thanks for the tips @Dejin and @WhollySchmidt!

BTW I left RT on medium, minus reflections, and the game seems to run fine on my rig at 1440p. :shrug:

I still feel like a novice, I wouldn’t go so far as to describe my info as a “tip”! Just saying that from my experience so far, I haven’t been in situations where getting hacked was a major concern. Could very much vary based on your approach too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Re: cross-saves, I’m starting to suspect that the infamous bug is back whereby, because my Windows user ID has an accented character, there’s some issue with the software reading the path to the save games. For a long time I couldn’t do Cloud gaming on Game Pass through the Xbox app, or stream from my console to my PC, as a result of that bug.

My Windows and Xbox user names are plain old basic 26-letter alphabet and my Xbox saves aren’t showing up on PC. My Xbox games show up in GOG Galaxy, so I’m assuming my accounts are properly linked.

EDIT: I’m a dork. As @Papageno said, you have to create a new save after enabling. Cross-platform play confirmed. Now to start over from scratch…

Figured out what was happening: after you’ve set it all up, you then have to progress your game and create new manual/auto/quick saves on the platform of choice-- the system doesn’t automatically sweep up the most recent ones into the cloud by defaut.

Gotta say though, the game sure looks nicer with HDR on my LG OLED.

There are skills to lower the impact of enemy hacks, but as said upthread, the simplest solution here is the best, and most fun: seek and destroy.

(Not Johnny Silverhand, but makes much better music.)

So I finally grabbed this on series x and it’s freaking gorgeous! The voice acting is pretty top notch so far. Really really liking it though I’m barely a couple of hours in. I know there are a few quests that are cutoff points for going back. What should I not complete until I’m ready to go on? And are there timers on main plot lines or can I do the many side quests before moving on with what seems to be the first main story missions?