Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Distance or kill, sorry. However, I know where you are and that’s easily the most frustrating part of the game, enemy-hacker-wise. Just power through and it won’t be a big deal after that chapter.

There is only one real point of no return, and the game is very clear about telling you when you are approaching that point. It’s a ways in, story-wise.

The game also bombards you with all sorts of indications that time is of the essence and you had better get a move on, but none of that matters one whit. You can keep people waiting forever without any consequences (at least, in two or three play throughs I haven’t seen any consequences yet), and you can even ignore the main storylines big goad to action for as long as you like.

Once you hit the transition to the endgame, yeah, you can’t go back, but once you finish the game it puts you right back just before that point so you can continue to do whatever it is you want to do.

BTW, on PC, what are the settings for audio so that the dialogue on a 5.1 system actually comes out of the center speaker? “TV Speakers” or “Small Speakers” or “Home Cinema”?

I think those kinds of settings determine the ‘dynamic range’ of the sound, i.e. the difference between the softest and loudest sounds.

The thing I found most frustrating about it is I had no idea what was going on when I was getting hacked. All I knew was my health was going down. Once I read that it was due to enemy hackers, that at least made it somewhat understandable what was happening.

That’s what it says, yeah, but most PC games have settings where you pick between stereo speakers/5.1/7.1 etc. and I don’t see those here. It’s weird. I guess it just defaults to whatever the sound hardware’s control panel is set to. I guess I need to boost the dialogue volume.

EDIT: Don’t know how but somehow my trusty Logitech 5.1 system that I bought way in the olden times of 2006 had lost connection to the sound hardware. We had a split second power outage a few nights back and that might have been what did it. I was basically getting no subwoofer or rear speaker sound.

That was my experience, too. I had to go online to ask what was happening.

Yeah, seems like there was a quick popup or something explaining it but easily missed. Stealth is your best friend during that engagement.

May I ask what “Vasyan upload complete” means? I get a warning about it sometimes but it doesn’t seem to hurt me.

The game update, sale on steam together the anime release sure helped the game, it’s the higher number of people playing since the original release:

On the PC version, I notice there’s no sound at all with the first title screen on game startup, unlike with the Xbox version. Is that a new bug or has it always been that way?

That title was only added in 1.5 afaik and it never had sound.

Did something recently happen to generate all this activity and interest in Cyberpunk 2077? I read the patch notes and it didn’t seem like anything earth shattering was in them. It was not like a NMS update where they add a bunch of new shit to the game.

Just coincidence personally that I started playing for the first time a month ago. Maybe the anime generated renewed interest?

The (very good) anime based on the game just released on Netflix?

Indeed, and I didn’t even know it existed!

I always have liked the basic gameplay loop and the environment, so with a new machine and the new patch I fired it up again. Having explored all or most of the endings by this point I generally just tool around doing stuff and exploring new builds or tactics, not paying a huge amount of attention to the plot.

I think it’s a combo of things. The anime on Netflix (which, btw, there’s been an ongoing discussion of in the TV forum for a bit), the patch that came out concurrent with that anime, which also showed up with one of their “Night City Wire” streams that announced the drop of the mod tools and the announcement of a proper expansion.

So all of that helped because it was all pretty well-received.

But add to that: 3xxxx GPUs are now within the budget of more gamers over the past 6 months than they’ve ever been, and so a lot of folks playing on PC are building/upgrading gaming rigs to take advantage of pricing. And also, PS5s and Xbox Series X/S consoles are also a lot easier to find at MSRP now than they were when the game originally dropped, so folks are able to play it on next gen consoles now, too.

A nice set of events. More gradual in redemption than NMS, but CDPR clearly making an effort to make the game an enjoyable experience, even if it is unlikely to ever fully meet all pre-release hype and promises.

Huh, funny, I didn’t even realize that the Netflix show was related to the game, figured it was coincidental. Goes to show how much the game made an impact with me; I still haven’t made it back to it on the PS5.

I haven’t quite finished either the game or the anime, but as far as I can tell there’s no narrative overlap, but it is absolutely an anime about the game. Some locations show up in both and look exactly the same, right down to some game NPCs visible in the background on the show, and the “UI” of the show is identical to the way it’s presented in the game.

But the show is about its own characters, not V or any other game characters.