Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

The story stuff is actually not bad, overall. The main quest writing, as well as some of the side stuff, is quite good for the most part I think.


Dex is one of those guys though that seems like a big shot when Jackie introduces you to him early on, but who turns out to be only a modestly sized fish in a very large pond. Takemura for instance is a shark, compared to Dex. He would not have killed T-Bug anyhow, and probably couldn’t because she was much smarter than him I think. But Arasaka had the skills and hardware to ping her and fry her like a housefly caught in a zapper.

Haven’t tried them but these looked coolest to me.

An overview video here too, with some more mentions in the comments. Vehicle Combat or Enhanced Police might be worth a look if the underbaked Night City police bothered you.

The Witcher 3 is undoubtedly the better game of the two, by far perhaps, but it does not IMO lend itself nearly as much to casual roaming and killing/looting like Cyberpunk 2077 does. When I sat down to play the Witcher 3, I was in for a serious session, moving the story along or working towards a particular build or something. In Cyberpunk, I’m often just popping in for a couple of random street crimes or gigs. I think the game lends itself to that sort of play a lot more.

Ran into what I think might be a bug in the Automatic Love quest. For some weird reason at the end of it, even when exiting the building where the “Clouds” place is located, the minimap keeps telling me I’m in a “hostile area” but I’m walking around openly in front of gang members/cops/etc and no one is in my face.

Not sure if I’d use this on the first playthrough, but this gives you text message pointers to the hidden stashes and bits of environmental storytelling (so called hidden gems) in the game.

This mod adds 190 new fixer gig’s with over 400+ new SMS messages to walk you through finding the 190 Hidden Gems built in the to the vanilla game. They will be given one at a time by their respective district’s fixer and provides a map waypoint to help find the goal.

I do that, too. Night City is incredibly immersive and interesting. Sometimes, it’s relaxing just to inhabit the place and do casual stuff for a bit.

Just installed this. Only had one pop up so far and haven’t had a chance to track it down but it seems like a cool mod. Then again, I have played through the story several times now, so there’s no risk of spoilers or anything!

Total sales hit 20m. Suspect that might be shy of initial lofty goals, but is still a lot of Vs.

I bought it for the Xbox (Series X in my case), and also for PC, where it runs remarkably well (though not at 60 fps with all the bells and whistles on).

I wonder how many people did something similar.

BTW, with all the bells and whistles on it only really chugs in places with lots of reflective surfaces, like the Afterlife bar, where on my machine the FPS count drops to the low 20s (ouch). Normally though, like outside, it’s in the mid 40’s minimum and usually in the mid-upper 50s.

Why does it seem that I can never “breach protocol” gang members? Is it because they all have resistance to it? Is it the “resistant to” icon the one that shows the RAM shard? I suppose the “fine manual” tells me what all those icons mean (some, like electricity and fire, are pretty obvious, others not so much), right?

Another question: how do I get my “cold blood” stat up (the one on the lower left)? I read somewhere that putting bodies in dumpsters helps, but I’m not seeing it. Do the people have to be dead?

Not all bad guys have cyberware, that’s one reason for Breach to not be available.

OK. that makes sense, now that you mention it. They’re too far down the chain to have cyberware.

So I’ve begun playing this and am now ten hours in and very much enjoying it. Sure it can be tropey as hell but it’s a lovely world they’ve built and I’ve been really enjoying the random NCPD callouts I find as I go around the map. I’ve been doing that more than any of the actual quests at this point.

IMO, you’re doing it right! I’m on my third or so run through the game, and I’m about level 29 and street cred in the mid-forties, and I still have a big chunk of story missions to do before getting to the point of no return. I am using a mod that sends me gigs to find the 190 or so “hidden gems,” little vignettes with shards and loot scattered around the city, which is cool. Because I am not doing this for the first time, I have no qualms about being led to things I would (and did) have missed on my own. But I’m pretty much ignoring the big story players most of the time.

Keep in mind though that the game does turn higher level enemies into bullet sponges. If they are six or more levels above you they are going to be damn near impossible to kill without a lot of work and probably quicksave scumming. There are mods to undo this but I haven’t tried them yet. Just be aware when you scan gangers. A skull where you’d usually get an icon for their role/function means you are in for a world of hurt.

Good to know thank you!

I’m wondering if I stumbled on these things in my playthrough or whether I missed cool stuff :) Can you remember any examples of what these things are? I might try a modded playthrough to remind myself how to play before the expansion comes out.

Just giving this another go now myself. Never played much past the prologue. I liked the simple story beats in that more than the silver hand stuff. I’ll will give more effort this time as bugs mostly ran me off. Prolly going sans mods but are there any must haves at this point?

Those are the things where you come across, usually, a body with some loot and a shard of archived conversations on it. Tells a little story about life on the streets, that sort of thing. The stuff you find can be decent, or just sellable. Some of them hook together in little mini-sequences of vignettes, too.

I have not found anything that’s a must have, but then, I have not really spent a ton of time sorting through the bajillion pr0n mods that are the bulk of them.

Huh, as if te game isn’t porny enough with its abundance of T&A.