Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Initial reviews coming in put Phantom Liberty at 9.3 on the Richter scale.

Early reviews are extremely positive. With a lot of the reviewers stating that they’ve put 50+ hours in.

Gamespot: 10/10.

IGN: “Feels like the game CDPR meant to make.”

Yeah, I’m seeing nothing below a 9/10 on open critic.

Come on dudes, I don’t have time for another great game right now.

I was just about to say: these scores most certainly mean that Qt3 gamers will hate it.

I mean, the DNA was there all along, for this game. The gestation period just proved to be somewhat prolonged.

I’d buy DLC where Elon was a lunatic corpo that V had to eliminate.

Argh, I’ve started and then restarted this game three times over the years for various reasons and made it about 8-14 hours each time. My most recent game started just a few months back when I upgraded my video card. My fem V is at level 11 and I’d reeeeally prefer to just keep going with this saved game.

I hope I won’t miss out on anything. I’m not much of a skill-tree planner/builder anyway… I just throw points at stuff that sounds fun.

Yep we were getting a lot of hints that CP2077 2.0 would come in hot and heavy. It looks to be a substantial improvement on all aspects of the game, both visuals and gameplay.

As for starting over, you don’t have to. You’ll just respec and play around, which will be hella-confusing with a whole new tree in a game you haven’t played in 3 years, but workable.

So characters in old saves will automatically be given a chance to respec?

I’m glad they’ve redone the skill trees… there was room for improvement there.

Yes, everybody can respec skills now and <2.0 characters get one free attribute respec also.

Also there’ll be mods on PC. They got pretty wild in 1.x. Not quite bethesda game levels, but approaching it.

The future of all gaming. Ship now, fix later.

It was a great Early Access plan by them.

I was talking to some buddies, and I recall now that a huge part of the problem with Cyberpunk was that it was released on systems that didn’t have SSD’s, and the performance on those systems was abysmal.

Although apparently, even on old hardware like the OG PS4, if you had upgraded the hard drive to be an SSD, performance was actually fine.

I wonder how the Cyberpunk 2077 story lands differently if they didn’t have to spend so much time and resources trying to get it to run on PS4 and XBone. Like, in the last 18 months before its original release, if they were able to keep focus on playtesting and QA for PC and nextgen consoles how much differently would this have come out?

To me that’s the main lesson here: if you’re working up a game that will push the technology envelope during a transition in console generations, pick a side of that fence to land on and don’t try to do both.

Yeah, I’m kind of surprised that everyone has been trying to support last generation’s hardware for so long.

That’s kind of a new thing, isn’t it? I seem to recall in the past, a new generation came out and if you wanted to keep playing new games, you moved to the new generation.

I feel like sports games have done it forever.

I also feel like my mindset has changed. I used to be annoyed when a new platform had a release that my aged old one did not. Now I just buy the new platform. I guess that’s called being an adult with disposable income.

“Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty review: perhaps the best expansion pack ever made”.

Not new since the prior generation. There was a lot of it with PS3->PS4 and Xbox 360->Xbox One

Yeah, this may be my faulty memory at work, but I thought GTA IV or V (can’t remember which) did a nice job negotiating the generational turnover between PS3 and PS4. Which, I think if memory serves was a new SKU that came out months or a year later as a PS4 version.