Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Well, they have MS selling Cyberpunk-branded X one consoles, so they were kind of obligated to support last-gen in some form. Apparently performance wasn’t completely abysmal on that console, either (and I assume the ps4 pro)- is was just the ‘base model’ of last-gen that was totally broken.

The console makers and a number of publishers commented that they thought they left a lot of money on the table in the PS2->PS3 and Xbox->360 transition by not supporting the older hardware longer so they were more vigilant with that going through it the next time.

And of course that’s become even longer of a transition into this generation. I don’t think any major franchise has dropped support yet for the prior gen?

Kind of a unique scenario, with COVID supply shortages making it extraordinarily difficult to buy an XSX or PS5 for the first year plus.

Not switching to a completely different kind of archiecture, too. Xbox was (basically) a celeron. X360 and PS3 were PowerPC. Then MS and Sony went all AMD since then.

It’s interesting CDPR pulled the stops out and then… switched to UE5. Wonder if that’s seen as universally positive in the company. Apart from anything else it would be nice to see engines which aren’t Unreal continue to exist.

Edit: Noticed Metacritic has 36 reviews of 80-100 then PC Invasion rock up with their 35. Well done boys. Don’t let the Corpos get you.

Man, this is tough. Do I replay the base game in 2.0 and wait for a DLC sale, or do I treat the DLC as a sequel for my exisiting Fem V? I recently started a male V playthrough, and I don’t know if I want to play those early chapters yet again. Or do I?

You both do and do not. It is probably better to start a new character or continue with your existing Fem V.

Might be helpful: the quest that starts the expansion content (apparently, I am not far in the game enough to know this 100%) starts pretty much just before the final quest sections of the original main game. So if you’re starting anew, you may not need to touch Phantom Liberty content for a while.

Oh, also, per some reviewers, there’s a new ending to the MAIN game now that incorporates some of the decisions made in Phantom Liberty.

Full game then. I should, anyway. I haven’t done an in-depth playthrough since my ps4 days. My XSX one was streamlined.

I keep reading kudos for the voice work of Cherami Leigh as Femme V in both the main game and especially the expansion, so I think I’ll be doing a full restart in touch with my feminine side.

Is it just me or does FemV look like a Methamphetamine addict in the Phantom Liberty cover image? Those dead eyes 😵

Hey! Some people have a type, don’t judge!

So much better than the “Hey how ya doin’” vibe of Male V. Maybe I only think that because I played it coming off the Mafia remaster and I thought he sounded too much like Tommy Angelo.

I thought male V was good. I’ve never heard fem V.

The voice line that’s really stuck with me is just the simple “Oh, V…”

Why do I disappoint Keanu so?!

They really could have used a tighter voice director. Male V is especially egregious, but a lot of Keanu’s line also just fall flat. Although…Keanu.

I’m so broken. I’m excited and can’t wait to play a game I bought years ago that I deflected off of like 4 times. ;) It seems like all the changes address my issues and the DLC looks so good. Meanwhile I’m sitting on a backlog that I could never get through in a lifetime.

I think you are doing it right, Octavious.

And to 138, I hope you realize I was joking.

I’m looking forward to starting a new playthrough when the patch goes live tomorrow (I think). I didn’t get that far in my 1.6 game but had a great time, so this all feels like gravy.

Has anyone seen any benchmarks or details about PS5 vs PC? It seems like everything is either generic or is a PC based reaction. I have the original game on PS5 for adaptive triggers and the couch/tv shared screen comfort (my S/O actually likes it when I’ve got CP2077 up on the TV— at least over other games). However, I can’t tell if the game has shifted into truly PC master race territory to justify push me to rebuy.