Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

If you have a beefy rig the ray tracing is way better on the PC. My computer is on it’s last legs so I’m going to stick with the PS5 version. My PC sounds like a jet engine when it plays anything challenging. I’d upgrade it, but I have a million other things that are more important right now. Like a 17 year old doing college applications. FML

This will have to wait for Starfield for me. Someone make a spoiler thread. You know what you’re like.

The console version is getting patched too. No reason to switch platforms.

Some of the complaints in that review are really bizarre, but it’s also an example of how Baldur’s Gate 3 has ruined other games for some people. Wanting lots of options and freedom of choice in RPG scenarios is everyonne’s dream, but very few games have ever accomplished that. Cyberpunk 2077 is not that kind of game, which the review points out.

It also reads like a 3.5/5, which maybe metacritic is misclassifying.

You’re in good company. I’m adding platforms and digging holes I’ll never get out of.

That said, I’m trying to be better about planning when I play. Cyberpunk will be after Halloween for me, because I have to play The Quarry this year, a game you teed up nicely in February (I scratched the Halloween itch last year with Until Dawn). Anyway, I digress. I’m just saying, we’re all behind. Enjoy 2077. You guys have me hyped up for it too.

I can’t believe I’m going to play three giant RPGs in one year, and I’m completely skipping another one.

I don’t know that I’m super happy about this. I wish we could spread it out a bit!

The Quarry is the best co-op game ever. I played through it with my daughter and we had a blast. I was playing Like A Dragon the last two days and now I feel bad to ditch it for Cyberpunk. First world problems I guess.

I’m not sure what “beefy” is nowadays. My PC was a solid few years ago, but probably behind the times now. I never got much use out of the RTX, but I have a 2080ti and some Ryzen CPU that was solid at the end of 2019. Maybe stick with PS5 CP2077?

I can’t wait to see some benchmarks regarding CPU utilization that they touted so much.

Really glad I held off buying this game until now. I knew that CDProject would improve the game, though I wasn’t expecting such a big turnaround. It reminds me of what happened with the origins Witcher game.

In which moment of the game does PhantomLiberty start?

The new storyline will unlock after you finish the Transmission quest where you encounter Maman Brigitte from Voodoo Boys. Songbird will reach out to you!

If you have already finished the quest or the game — Songbird will contact you shortly after you turn the game on. And if you haven’t played Cyberpunk2077 at all and want to dive straight into the expansion — you will be able to do that from the main menu!


Heh, that’s pretty much the point I stopped playing 1.6. Interesting…

I think the original issue was that Witcher 3 was, in many ways, that kind of game.

My biggest issue with Cyberpunk is that it felt like a Bethesda game, not a CDPR game. And not an especially good Bethesda game.

Making the gunplay/gameplay aspects less terrible is certainly a plus, but in all these games things tend to degenerate into the MC being a god-like killing machine eventually, so really it comes down to story/reactivity in the end. My question at the end of the day is does Phantom Liberty have a story I don’t actively hate/care about with decent interactivity?

I might give CP2077 another shot since I already paid for it to see how the gameplay changes feel, but no simple patch is going to make it into the game they implied it would be and I wanted to play. Even if the PL parts are that game, it’s still a relatively small part of a larger game that isn’t that.

Is Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader on your list?

25 gig patch is live :)

I can see this, to an extent. It’s important stuff. For me though these types of games come down to exploration and environmental story telling, as well as progression, more than anything. Cyberpunk did pretty well on those metrics even at launch.

And I’m out of sick days! Darn… I really hope this makes it into the game I was hoping it would be. If I’m still playing it after this weekend and having fun I’ll grab the DLC right away.

and there’s no NG+, right? Either continue on with an existing character, or start a regular new game.

I think the last time I played I wasn’t very far in so I may just jump into that save. I’m not excited to do the first few hours that are super on rails. That’s kind of why I bounced off so many times.