Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

I must admit having to learn a bunch of new systems is kind of putting me off this a bit. Looking at my character in third person on a motorcycle is like looking at a badly dressed corpse, presumably due to clothing and appearance changes. So that needs undoing for a start :)

I mean, every single preview and presentation has essentially been along the lines of “These changes essentially make the game, from a mechanical aspect, into a new game.”

I really liked the part about how there are just junk guns now. I drove me INSANE the loot everywhere. The menus and the loot system is one of the reasons I gave up. The updates are like they hacked into my brain. Can’t wait to get home and give it a shot.

I started a new game, as a Street Urchin, or whatever, this time. I was Corporate in my previous games, so the intro kind of took me aback. Everything seems to run okay, but still in the beginning (just met Dex). One odd thing - for some reason, when I get into my car, the w/s keys do nothing. The a/d keys steer, but I couldn’t move the car. So I plugged in a controller, and it worked fine using that. Not sure what the issue could be there.

In my very limited look at them, the skill trees appear to be a lot less confusing.

Not that it matters but that review seems to have vanished from Metacritic :)

How nice is it to see CDPR return so strong? I can’t wait to dig into this.

48GB for me on GOG / PC. Maybe that includes my Phantom Liberty preload.

Ixm waiting for the expansion before I dive back in, but for those of you diving in today, please comment on how the autoleveling is working out for you.

48GB Here too, but speed is reasonable.

Lolol. I know what you mean. So happy for the dev’s though.

Benchmark shows 115 fps with all the new shiny RT reconstruction/path finding stuff on max, and DLSS Quality at 3440x1440.

(RTX 4090 and AMD 7950X)

Time to roll a new character!

Stupid question as I reinstalled and am firing up the game for the first time in a LONG while; searching for DLSS Sharpness suggestions gets me useless info. I’m seeing some people saying “setting it below .50 makes it blurry” and others saying “setting it above .50 makes it shimmer,” and yet others saying more confusing stuff. The benchmark runs too quickly to form an opinion, so just curious what others set it to.

I’ve got a 5900X & 3080 at 1440p in windowed borderless with high textures. Ultra for ray tracing (reflections, sun shadows, and local shadows on), Auto for DLSS super resolution, high/ultra for the various options under “Advanced” and here’s what I get for DLSS sharpness;

  • 0.00 : gets me an average FPS of 80.60 and a min of 67.41
  • 0.50 : gets me an average FPS of 80.20 and a min of 58.44
  • 1.00 : gets me an average FPS of 80.08 and a min of 57.26

at DLSS Quality (instead of Auto)

  • 0.00 : gets me an average FPS of 69.10 and a min of 55.81
  • 0.50 : gets me an average FPS of 68.87 and a min of 56.30
  • 1.00 : gets me an average FPS of 68.78 and a min of 55.10

For the sadists:

  • DLAA (no DLSS): average FPS of 38.55 and a min of 30.81

So any thoughts on the best level to set DLSS sharpness to?

Where it looks best to you?

Umm… stupid question time.

I’m stuck in a dialogue submenu when talking to Viktor. I’ve asked him about Johnny and have two options. But both lead nowhere so I can’t get back to the top level conversation options. If I leave and come back, I only get the option to continue the conversation which gives me the same two Johnny topics.

So I in effect have no way to ask Viktor to fix my implants. Bug? Am I missing something? Can’t find anything in the key bindings and can’t remember having this issue when I last played a year ago.

Edit: Had to reload to get around it.

Too hard to tell, lol. I’ll fiddle as I go, I suppose.

EDIT - huh, enabling the +boost on low latency lowers my average FPS by a bit yet raises my minimum by more. I’ll take that trade.

If it’s too hard to tell take the faster frames. Is it time to go home yet?

It’s still there if you look under PC

Anyone know if the new update has any technical improvements on the consoles? I’m not expecting a miracle like a new RT reflections mode or anything, but it did seem like they continued to improve performance in the Witcher games with each update.

No clue, but I just installed the new Nvidia driver on my PC and that pushed up my FPS by a smidge. Given the consoles use the same basic hardware, I expect you’ll see at least a little help on the performance side.

Anyone bumping up the difficulty for their fresh 2.0 run?