Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

I played 1.6 on hard, now playing 2.0 on hard.

Haven’t played since launch. Pleasantly suprised to find this runs much, much better now, even before deploying 2.0 patch.

I seemed to have forgotten how amazing this game is technically and graphically. Just walking through the city seems amazing all over again

edit: and it really makes Starfield seem dated? Odd that.

Is it like Witcher 3 in that the normal difficulty is too easy (at least for the 2nd half of W3)? Just curious if “hard” is the real “normal”, but not curious enough to read back several thousand posts.

from the changelog, on the subject of vehicles:

We implemented various changes and tweaks to vehicle performance and handling:

  • New speed-sensitive steering applies to most vehicles. The max turn speed and radius adapts to different vehicle speeds better than before.
  • All engines have torque curves now, which reflect the engine’s character and any power modifiers (e.g., supercharger, turbo, hybrid, etc.). Some adjustments and balancing have been made to vehicle acceleration and top speeds.
  • Conducted a full pass on adjustments to braking force. For slower vehicles it has been dramatically increased, and all stopping distances were measured and adjusted as necessary.
  • All vehicles react better to rough terrain and impacts with curbs, meridians, etc. Vehicles feel “heavier” now, as we have improved how we apply gravity as the suspension moves.
  • Many vehicles were fully retuned or their tuning was heavily revised.
  • Multiple other small improvements.

That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear. Can’t wait to try the new driving system. And “multiple other small improvements”… who knows what wonders might that entail?

My first runthrough was a corp dude who fell in love with Panam but ultimately was loyal to J. Silverhand. This time, I think I want to run a wasteland girl, much like Panam, and see what trouble she can get up to in the big city.

Hopefully now you can actually see over the dashboard while driving in first person view :D

So…the PS5 update comes later then? I’ve not seen it populate.

I suspect Hard is the sweet spot. OG version Normal was pretty faceroll.

As I understand it you can change on the fly, so a lot of people are saying to just adjust as you go, but Hard is the sweet spot for most people. Very Hard apparently might be actually impossible with a Nomad start because of an early story fight, so maybe go with Normal there and adjust?

This is all assuming you can change difficulty. I think they added that some point and people online are saying to do it.

I got the PS5 update earlier today. If it’s installed the main menu will have a thing in the upper right about “what’s new in 2.0.”

I keep walking up to every locker in Cyberpunk and it doesn’t interact. Damn you, Starfield.

Anyone else feel normal on-foot movement feels a bit off? Its like its struggling a bit now, moving forwards.

Based on your post, I launched the game. Only THEN did the PS5 start to download the 2.0 update.

OK, now that I have an Xbox X sitting next to my PS5, I have decisions to make I have not had to make in the past. I need to “finish” Starfield first, but I am going to get this “new” CP. Should I get it for the Xbox X or the PS5?

First world problems!!!

Indeed. ;) Actually, my biggest problem is finding time to play.

Which controller do you like better?

The reality is, no matter which one you choose, you’ll always have that question in the back of your mind…‘I wonder if the XXXXX would have been better for this’.

Well, after only having a PS4 or PS5 for years, switching to the Xbox controller for Starfield has been a challenge. All my muscle memory is on the PS5 controller. That said, I got an huge deal on the Xbox Elite controller, and the under the controller paddles are pretty nice.

That would solve it for me.

This might help?

Xbox vs PS5 side by side cyberpunk

I think that has been the case since the original release, actually. When I played in the initial release, I went with normal. When 1.6 came out I started a new playthrough on Hard and it felt just right - it wasn’t really hard, but unlike normal you had to be careful to not bite more than you could chew, and some cyberpsycho fights were really tricky. And, so far, hard in 2.0 is very approachable and reasonably engaging, so that would be my recommendation.

One added bonus playing on the PS5: the game makes cool use of the controller’s speaker for phone/comms.