Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Gracias, amigo.

I never really see a difference when I look at comparisons like this. Which one is considered “better?”

Trying out Intelligence/Cool, starting with the former. Casting spells. Crouching.

I played for 2 minutes and the only new thing I noticed is the never-nude underwear.

It’s also 3 years later and I’m still debating between 60 fps with ray-tracing and 110 fps without it.

The PS5 version uses the triggers. And it’s pretty cool. So it’s an easy choice to me. I love the PS5 controller and dislike the Xbox. It just feels cheap compared to the PS5 controller.

I have the PS5 version and the PC version as I grabbed it for the PS5 when it was on sale for dirt cheap. I tried both yesterday and I was totally shocked at how much better the PC version runs. With my 3070 even on my old CPU I can run much better ray tracing settings than the PS5.

So it seems I’ll be playing on the PC. Only bummer which I need to look up is that it doesn’t seem to support the PS5 controller on the PC. I was getting the Xbox prompts. Could just have something set wrong in steam, but I gave up and just used the Xbox controller last night. Some games even support the haptics on the PC which I was hoping would be the case. I’ll mess with it tonight.

I resemble this remark.

I actually locked my pc at 40 FPS and jacked up the ray tracing. It looks ridiculous and is very smooth. It’s a trick I learned from the PS5 as that is a mode they have for some games and it works really well. This isn’t counterstrike you don’t need to be running at 120 IMHO.

Oh there’s a mod for the dualshock, but it needs to be updated for 2.0. Seems like the dude is still active so hopefully that comes quickly. I could play keyboard and mouse, but I like to lounge damn it.

Changed the target upscaling resolution on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in Performance Mode from dynamic 4k to dynamic 1800p for improved performance and image quality.

Ehhhhh… I think you do need to be running at 60fps whenever possible. It’s 2023. No need to game like a caveman anymore.

I’m very picky about games being smooth and you legit can’t tell in a game like this. I’d rather it look as good as possible.

In regards to the game I only got through the prolonged intro so I haven’t seen anything too crazy so far. Performance is so much better than when it launched that it’s not even worth comparing. Frankly it was broken at launch and is super optimized now. The menus are certainly better and the skill tree is a gigantic improvement. I just have no idea what build I will end up doing. Running around with a Katana is pretty damn fun.

Like I said above, three years of Early Access does wonders.

I enjoyed the adaptive triggers element of CP2077 a fair bit. There is a lot of gunplay and the load/reload/ firing of the different guns felt immersive. I’d suggest going that way. It’s what I did when my computer was much newer even. I can’t remember if CP is one of the examples, but the extra speaker on the controller can be well used in some games too.

Same thing for BG3, except they didn’t pretend to not be EA. ;)

Right. Just save the pain next time CD Projekt. Call it what it is.

At least they didn’t give up. The worst part is that I paid for this at launch and now 3 years later it’s playable and I’ll want to give them even more money for the DLC. At least I won’t have to wait 3 years to enjoy the DLC I guess?

I hadn’t purchased it until last night. $35 was pretty good three years later. I figure I’ll wait on the DLC until I get through the game… if I get through it (I suspect I will… I wanted to play it three years ago).

I had two big problems with this game at launch. A it ran like dogshit and B the intro is so super on rails and long that I was getting the wrong impression on what the game would be. It takes a good 3-4 hours to get through to where the game actually starts.

I mean the intro is cool and all, but if you don’t know that it opens up after that you are going to have a very skewed impression of what they are trying to do. Maybe that’s just me I don’t know.

I want to get Phantom Liberty, but I’ve been playing this game on both PC and PS5 with cross-saves. Probably will wait until I can avoid buying it 2 times at full cost.