Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

If you’re not averse to mods, the mod I used in my 1.6 playthrough to deal with wonky NCPD behavior is EOL and replaced with this:

Ray reconstruction looks great in many settings,but holy crap does it mess up faces. They are soft smudgy and ugly. Turning off Ray Reconstruction sharpens things right up. Probably going to leave it off. My 4090 looks and runs plenty good enough without it.

Decided to start my third playthrough, rather than to try to learn the whole new mechanics from an end game save.

NPC faces of people on the street, for sure, and even NPCs you’re with if they get out too far away from you, perhaps. Although NPCs when you’re having conversations with them, it definitely adds texture and definition to their skin tones, etc.

One hope I’ve seen for the former (I think in that DF recap of ray retracing) is that RR is at its heart machine learning and that over other iterations it will improve a lot. I guess we’ll see.

Even up close in smaller scenes. When I was first introduced to Judy and met with Evelyn Parker, it was clearly obvious. Seems on Reddit that it’s a fairly known problem. Disabling reconstruction looks much better.

Are you comparing the new ray reconstruction to native 4k, where in my very limited understanding that would make sense that RR looks a little worse, or RR to the old DLSS up-scaling solution, where that Digital Foundry video made RR seem like the clear winner to me?

(There like a 40% chance I misunderstood everything in that video)

In my case it’s ultra wide 3440x1440.

What I’m comparing is path tracing overdrive mode, but with DLSS2 notched up to quality mode. Frame gen is enabled.

With reconstruction turned on, environmental lighting looks better. Faces look ugly. With reconstruction turned off, lighting is a little bit worse, but faces are much better. I’m choosing the better faces.

It seems that if you attack gangers that the NCPD is fighting, before the gangers shoot at you, the NCPD will regard you as enemies. You can of course duck around cover and wait for the cops to lose interest, and then go loot the bodies. Even, um, NCPD corpses it seems. They don’t seem to mind you looting Officer Friendly’s pockets after he’s bit the dust.

Just got through The Heist and aftermath on my new run leading up to Phantom Liberty (at least that’s the plan). I love the mission, of course, but the whole aftermath thing especially the first encounter with Silverhand is not something I really enjoy replaying. Made it to 9 I think at this point.

It’s still the clear winner, but the DF video did show some areas where it was worse, and one of those was background heads.

It should be illegal for gameplay to be this addictive.

I can’t believe I slept on smart weapons all this time.

One thing unless they already fixed it is that Ray Reconstruction will not turn on if you don’t have a 40 series card. It’s greyed out.

However if you set all your settings first and save them then alter the .ini you can turn it on for 30 series and below. It’s bugged.

I will say that It’s inconsistent. The scene at Lizzies, where you meet Evelyn Parker in a private suite, and then when you go down to meet Judy, had a lot of in-motion splotchiness and poor looking faces. The Heist, and subsequent scenes w/ Keanu haven’t been too noticably bad when I toggle RR off and on. It’s easy to toggle, but definitely an area that needs some work.

To be expected on the 1st big implementation of the tech, I suppose.

Ray reconstruction can be turned on for my 3080. I updated my Nvidia drivers and then it only turns on if you also enable path tracing (which is a setting further down).

Right, but you should not need path tracing to use Ray Reconstruction. That’s a bug. The 30 series aren’t able to handle path tracing natively. To enable RR without PT, edit your .ini.

Flip side, I started a new game and am just beyond Heist, and I’m leaning towards throwing knives as my main build. Game’s got options, is all I can say. Stealth knife then sword dashing seems to be my pick for novelty over my previous stealth pistol/standard rifle build. I should probably try power or tech weapons at some point.

This is me right now.

Also, this is a damn good videogame. I’m really, really enjoying 2.0.

The regenerating health/grenades are a new thing, yes? I don’t remember them that way but I like it. Only problem with knife/sword is I imagine there are going to be some boss fights that get dicey, so I’m going to keep chucking grenades for the skill levels.

I am a little ticked off that I tried to non-fatal my first Cyberpsycho but apparently the baseball bat I have isn’t nonlethal? Apparently nonlethals will say so in the equipment details.

Yeah, now things are non-lethal only if they have a non-lethal mod. If you have any weapons with empty mod slots then you can buy the non-lethal mods on most weapon vendors. I have also found some weapons with the non-lethal mods as loot, so if you see one, might be a good idea to hold on to it.

A mod? That’s quite surprising, thanks for the education! I would have been frustrated as hell waiting 20 hours to loot my first nonlethal.

Check melee weapon vendors. They might have weapons with the mod too.