Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Yes. Previously they were consumables. Except the game gave you so many of them that combat was just spamming the health kit button whenever you got in trouble and you’d basically go back to full health instantly.

Did you try the bat though?

I’ve seen plenty of enemies in 2.0 drop from being ‘killed’ with normal guns, that were not actually dead immediately. In the previous version, I think the same applied to Cyberpsycho where killing was ‘non-lethal’ unless you shot the fallen body or gibbed it with explosives or something.

Is that no longer the case?

This was already my favorite video game, but hearing you guys gushing over this update is making me want to drop BG3 and get back into this for a 3rd play through!

I’m not sure if it is working properly without PT, because running with RT on ultra settings, it seems I actually lost a couple of FPS using that workaround, whereas having it on with PT resulted in significant gains.

Well after 3 years it fully has it’s hooks in me. Runs pretty much like a dream on my kind of old computer and the overhaul to the systems was exactly what I needed. This is very much a game you could run through multiple times with totally different builds and that’s awesome.

So that means I’ll end up getting the dlc. Womp womp lol.

Speaking of technology - In the game, V-sync CANNOT be used if you use DLSS, which is kinda weird and annoying. Since I play on a tv, I have severe screen tearing, if I don’t use V-Sync, and setting max framerates doesn’t do a thing.

I’ve also had to limit resolution and graphical bells and whistles, since my card (Nvidia 4080) goes into overdrive if I have them on, which is the only place it does so, and I hate the coilwhine.

Other than that -its a great game, and its even better structured now, skillwise!

They definitely nailed the gameplay loop in 2.0. Crafting and upgrades actually make sense now, and they gave netrunners a much needed nerf although they are still OP.

Fully agree that the skill trees are all now viable, and the cyberware system entirely revamped with some of the iconic cyberware legit out of the anime and totally nuts. I can’t wait to see what kind of combat situations will require that kind of crazy.

One thing to note for those not starting fresh: Any quickhacks you purchase or craft will now have to correspond to the tier of cyberceck you have equipped. I had just purchased a fancy tier 4 deck just before the update and it is now becoming a whole lot more expensive as tier 4 quickhacks cost the equivalent of a nice sports car.

Speaking of cars, the update changed the sound of my Shion MZ2 and I hate it. The exhaust now makes these really cheap sounding backfires when shifting and I no longer enjoy driving the car that I liked especially for its sound.

If you’re playing a netrunner you should be getting all of them (+ crafting specs) through access points. They are vastly more abundant than regular crafting mats, I think I’m sitting on around 500 legendary quickhacking crafting mats at level 40, and all quickhacks already at legendary tier.

Yeah, I hadn’t done any netrunning before getting the deck and it looks like there will be many access points in my future.

Oh - this reminds me. Am I seeing this right, that you can EITHER have a cyberdeck, or a Sandevistan I think they are called, which slows down time, but not both?

That is correct.

Has this been fixed yet?

Did ya’ll hear about that Arasaka aircraft carrier docked in Night City? Called “Kujira,” or the “whale.”

Soooooo annoying

Yep, the three exclusive main mods are deck, Sandevistan, and the Berserker module I think. Very much a “I’ve chosen this style of gameplay for this playthrough” mechanic.

Thanks, and thanks to you as well @rhamorim .

I actually dont know what to focus on, now :-D

I think that’s just Frame Gen, not DLSS right?

DLSS 2.0 (AI upscaling) and vsync are compatible.
You are probably getting that problem because of frame generation?
I would try disabling that and using just DLSS and vsync.

They also got rid of the most useless mechanic of all: food. It was needless inventory clutter. “Oh, eat this banana for +5 health a second for 3 seconds.”