Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

I don’t know what that is, but will take a look - thanks to both of you telling me this!

They should give Bethesda a call.

I’ve never gotten far in 2077, think I made it past the inflection point of the first main mission, but restarted again on the hardest difficulty level with the 2.0 patch.

I actually do like the game being more difficult, it feels appropriate to the setting. I hate wading into five dudes and just gun them down while shooting at me as if I’m already some superhero at level 4. It forces me to really use the terrain items ect.I tried to save a random person during a crime scene and it took, oh five or six tries not to die (lots of grenades basically). I also got fabled again in another random setup but these dudes hung far back and didn’t want to charge me, so we sat a good hour or so of game time hiding between obstacles taking pot shots at each other.

Going to pursue a hacker build I think as gunplay kind of sucks (very shaky hands in-game, feels like most bullets miss, also billets are weirdly very slow), and I can’t do melee well in any game because of the 3D to 2D thing.

I find it plenty hard enough on Normal. I’m also totally not optimizing my build. When I got through again as more of a hacker I’ll probably up it one notch. I’m so glad that after all these years I’m finally playing what I was expected. Hell it’s more than I was expecting at this point. Going from Bethesda character models to this is very jarring. They have just nailed it.

I mean I know it’s insane but the moment to moment gunplay isn’t 100% better than Starfield! Watching my automatic rifle bullets slowly arc to their target in Cyberpunk was kind of a shock, and they hardly do any damage compared to the starter pistol. I’m sure it will get better but it isn’t a 100% win for 2077! I mean I have to elevate my aim like 0.5’ plus high to hit targets that are like 50’ away. Bonkers. It could be both games are simulating some table top-esque-ish-ness to the gun play, the idea that these are “skill rolls” or something.

I found some kind of “big pistol” and that thing is also crazy, it’s like every shot causes your eyes to shut and something waves in front of your face, you lift the gun so high you lose sight of the target and I have to recompose the shot. And the sight on that is a big circle.

You’re right, it’s insane. The difference is night and day.


I was very late to this game, and I’m still in chapter 2 of my first play through.

I purchased the expansion, because I was enjoying it.

I had seen a recommendation that you shouldn’t be past chapter 2 when you download the expansion.

I guess an update came before the expansion so I downloaded that today.

I must’ve missed some stuff, because I’ve only come to this thread for some answers to questions, but I sure wish they had made it optional to completely rebuild my character perks.

Or at least gave me some idea of what I’d already had because I sure don’t remember them all, LOL.

It also looks like they significantly weakened some of my weapons and removed some mod Slots.

Oh well, it is what it is. I guess I need to go to a Ripper doc first and see what the new software is in game.

GOG is downloading the expansion…


Yup, downloading here too!

Kind of anticlimactic. I started a new game a few days ago, and haven’t yet reached the new DLC instersection point. :/

You do get a new car if you purchased the DLC.

You in a rush or something?

I started a new game, but I’m now pretty close to the point where it should unlock. That if Judy and Panam stop calling me for help all the time. ;)

You have smart guns, charged tech weapons and power weapons, together with truly different characteristics between just the same class of weapons. I’m not sure what you are looking for?

A lot of the recoil is meant to be mitigated by perks, and also certain pistols are designed to hit like trucks with a low fire rate so compared to an assault rifle and depending on quality, they would almost certainly behave differently. Coming into this game, the assault rifles and SMGs are designed to be used more like full auto weapons at closer range. Save your plinking for pistols, precision rifles and sniping rifles - the skill tree is broken across those lines too.

I just so happened to be right before the mission that opens the dlc without knowing it. I won’t spoil anything but it’s really intense. And I had to pry myself away to go to bed. I legit don’t remember the last time I got so into a game and I’m positive I will go through again at some point with a totally different build. So glad they fixed this as what they accomplished in the end is freaking nuts.

Does anyone know if level cap is automatically raised if you purchase Phantom Liberty or do you have to start it first?

This is so freaking good with the 2.0 patch. Ended up marathoning through a new game and just got the call for the DLC. My V is a high mobility shotgunner, dashing up to an enemy before I obliterate them with a double barrel blast to their head. Got double jump, an air dash, and I can slow down time. Couldn’t be more pleased with the game, the fights feel so good now.

No idea. I’d guess you just need to have it installed, but I could be wrong.

The one cool thing is how they tied in the new dlc. It fits in like any other mission. You would even know it was dlc. No idea on the level cap, it if I were to guess I’d say you probably just need to buy the dlc to raise the cap.

I was noticing how good shotguns were during the early levels, the stun effect seems really handy and they one shot, and that was with no skills at all helping. I imagine that could be a nasty build, especially if you equip multiple for when a reload isn’t practical.

I just reinstalled it to see how it looks with the new raytracing. 56fps with frame generation on in the benchmark, ouch. That’s too low for frame gen, you can notice artifacts when things move fast.
78fps with ray tracing in psycho, but without Path tracing. 100fps without ray tracing (73fps without frame gen).