Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

I picked up the DLC and fired this up last night for the first time since December 2020–and for the first time since getting my RTX 3090. My god, this game looks good!

When I played it before, I barely touched the main quest and instead cleared the board of all side stuff, so I’m looking forward to experiencing it all fresh.

This is the core strength of the game for me. Night City feels like an actual city. You can hang out in a park and people-watch. It feels alive, more so than anyplace else I have encountered in a game.

There’s so much there, there.

Fuck yeah.

I’m running a Reflex/Tech/Cool build, with the bare minimum or so in Body and Intelligence. No hacking beyond the basic stuff like distracting people. All guns, stealthy or otherwise. So far the only problem I’ve had (had to turn difficulty down from Hard to Normal) was the fight with the alpha Animal in GIM, but I might have been able to do it on Hard had I realized some of the stuff that was around the corner from the main room.

The new way they handle weapon mods is I think pretty solid, if sometimes a bit confusing with all of the different stats. The cyberware is definitely different, requiring a fair amount of relearning things. And even with the improvements to the loot and crafting, I still wind up picking up a ton of crappy guns that I have to puzzle through to see if any are better than what I have before selling them all. But overall, 2.0 puts the game in a very good place I think.

Can anyone find weapon mods that makes them nok lethal? All the weapon vendors have none do far.

I bought one off the starting gun shop in your apartment complex, it’s called Pax.

If you use dash liberally that fight becomes a LOT easier. Also, if you hit a certain weakpoint in that enemy it also becomes more manageable.

Anyway, depending on your choices in the next few quests, be prepared for a much harder fight. Just saying. ;)

I think it’s kind of random? I saw it on a couple different vendors at least.

If you’re not using hacking actively you’d be far better off with a Sandevistan. I haven’t looked at the new ones but in 1.6 and earlier I used the ones with the shortest cooldown. It’s better to sacrifice some crit chance and crit damage or even slow factor if it means you can use it more often.

For Animal, simply put on Gorilla arms. I’ve done the fight on very hard with no perk investment in Body tree (had maybe Body 4 or 5 at the time), and no stamina enhancing stuff or anything. You should have enough stamina to keep pummeling at her (is it a her? I’ve never been able to tell with Animals) and win the fight with no damage taken. Gorilla arms also provide +6 passive Body points for skill check purposes. If you’re not actively using this slot to enhance your combat (monowire/mantis specs) then there is no better option than to go full monkey.

If I were to respec, is there a good build guide (or suggestions here are welcome!) for killing everyone with swords and netrunner zaps?

Oh, I’ve gone through the game three or so times, so I’m aware of what is coming (non-PL stuff at least)…

I posted the build I’m using earlier in this thread - called it the “Queen of Blades”. Focused on katanas and throwing knifes. It’s awesome.

I loaded my other save just to take a look - I played as a netrunner in 1.6. It’s far less OP than it was if you try to play as I did - basically just (trying to) quickhacking everything. 2.0 expects you to engage with other parts of your kit - the idea is to use quickhacks with (smart) weapons and the monowire, mostly, to be more effective, since they synergise with each other now. I may even try using that build on PL too. We’ll see.

Well, by the time I got there I wasn’t about to go back and buy different chrome! I plan to go Sandevistan but haven’t found the one I want quite yet. I get distracted and never can remember which ripper has which thing.

BTW, that video upthread on settings helped a lot. Nice smooth framerate now, and it still looks quite good.

They all sell the same stuff now

Took a walk through pathtraced NC yesterday:

It is kinda funny/sad, I upgraded my CPU and GPU (from 2700X/2080Ti to 5800X3D/3080Ti) to be able to play Cyberpunk with RT at 60fps, and of course they have to add even more impressive fully pathtraced mode that, yet again, takes me back to 30fps. And to get back up to 60 at my desired resolution I would have to get at least 4080. Le sigh :)

You know, there was a time, when I enjoyed watching videos taken by people walking through a major city, like New York, or Tokyo, and I just enjoyed all the people, the ambience and the life of it all.

This is ALMOST that level now :-)

I actually find it to be great that games can take into account GPU advances such that I can go back and re-live them in new glory! When you get your 5080 CP2077 will run like a dream.

Yeah don’t get me wrong, I completely agree and love this forward facing tech stuff. I just wish I had that 5080 NOW! :)

I actually still watch these vids from time to time :) And yeah.
But looking at Matrix Awakens city, I am curious how Cyberpunk 2 will look on that engine.

Fascinating that the 3 year old base game is making more money the the 3 day old DLC.

are you in 1440p or 4k?

You know, I’ve been thinking, and I’d say it would be stupid if after building this great city, they throw everything and build the sequel as a totally new game.
What I would do instead is doing like the new Zelda game that recycles heavily the previous Zelda game, BOTW. Reuse the city, reuse many of the weapons, but make a new story with new characters. Maybe a proper corpo story with alliances and backstabbing, maybe a journalist. Of course use the chance to redo some systems, like hacking, and others, and improve some areas of the city and expand slightly. Call it Cyberpunk 2079.

Also budgets are out of control in game development, so this recycling would help.