Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

My 4070 can’t handle path tracing. That’s OK. It’s still the best looking game I have ever played.

A lot of people like myself who very rarely do any sort of pre-orders probably waited years to see if this would ever work right, and now that it does, we’re buying the original game. That’s how it worked for me. I haven’t decided if I should just add in Phantom Liberty now since apparently it starts relatively early on in the game or not?

I’m going to finish out Starfield before I decide.

Wait… what? What kind of framerate are you attempting to get?

I am playing on 1080p plasma TV, but use DLDSR to downsample to it from 2880x1620p, in combination with DLSS (quality or balanced, both look great). With RT Ultra preset I get 60, but with RT Overdrive I get around 35…and to get to 60, I would have to drop to 1080p while still running DLSS, which makes image lot softer.

Huh. Are some things then gated somehow? Because I go to one, and they have no leg stuff, I go to another they have no arm stuff, etc.

Seem to be, there were no leg mods when I was first introduced to the main doc guy, but later on I went back and bought legs.

Speaking of which, can anybody sell me on legs besides double jump? I just can’t see not having it.

The DLC is really good. Dogtown is a lot more interesting in many ways than most of the other areas of NC, maybe because it feels more compact and dense and less just a spread-out set of roads and buildings. I mean, relatively; the rest of NC is really well done and very immersive in general.

I use charge jump instead. I’ve tried both, and go back and forth, but right now I’m on the charged version. I don’t see a huge difference, though I do think the double jump one is probably “better” in that it seems more flexible. Gonna try it again next time I’m at a ripper I think.

But yes, you have to have either one or the other. Sad, in a way, because the other leg mods are essentially never going to be a good choice unless you are subbing things in for a particular gig, and even then, the jumping is usually more vital than anything else.

I get that, NC is amazing but it always itched my brain that there was just so much of it, but so little to actually interact with. All those doors that can’t open!

Not sure - my SC was pretty high relative to where I was in the story, but my char level lagged. Once I got that up a bit (mid 30s, 40) I started seeing more and more stuff at all the vendors.

But I think before the heist and paying back Vik you only have access to the very basic stuff.

I’m all in on cool, so my stealth netrunner does a lot of creeping around for which the stealth legs work well. I might get double jump at some point.

I have no idea what I’m doing, but I certainly could’ve used double jump while kiting a cyberpsycho around a warehouse recently…

Heh, yeah, that’s the other selling point beyond simple traversal, they’re great when you have to Woob! Woob! Woob! outta somewhere.

Double jump is invaluable if you really want to explore Night City. There are so many roofs and ledges to climb.

I’m pretty sure I knew this 3 years ago and then never got around to buying those legs. I somehow have $70k in my pocket so it’s time to go shopping.

I’ve noticed the vendor prices seem WAY more generous in 2.0. I had car money by a few hours in.

Current play through is 20 body + shotguns+Tech/implants. It’s pretty satisfying to just be a facetanking faceblasting mongrel. Stealth schmelth, run at things and shoot them in the head!!!

I’m doing Sandevistan/ Stealth/ Tech Pistols. It’s a super fun and flexible build. Stealth solves a lot of problems, and the rest can be handled by stopping time and handing out headshots.

Personally this is what I do on my 3080ti (1080p w/ Quality DLSS), except I’m running on a 4K TV. A bit soft, but it looks glorious and mostly runs around 60. :)

I would love a higher res but man that path-tracing is just too nice, and I gotta have 60 frames minimum.

I also tried running 4K res with Ultra Performance DLSS, but it both ran and looked worse than 1080p Quality.

I think I’m going to lean into smart weapons this run, to go along with my hacking. Seems like there are some perks that make those pretty neat now.

I wasn’t quite prepared for how hard this game would pull me back in.

Just had a funny one. I bought this on GOG back in the day, and while starting it up today I received a message that my cloud sync saves were disagreeing with my local, they were both 54 years out of date! Which means GOG Galaxy suddenly thought the date was actually 2077, I have no idea what that means.