Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

That’s what I did too and it’s certainly nice that they both rely on the intelligence tree, which I thought would save me a bunch of attribute points. I do however love my smart sniper rifle and that just wasn’t the same without some headshot perks. So yesterday I put 9 points into Cool and made headshots great again.

I’ll probably end up with 15 points in that attribute and have more of a generalist build with points in intelligence, cool and technical ability.

Really glad I waited until now to dive into this game. After playing Starfield recently, this feels like a truly next-gen game (even though technically it isn’t). It’s weird to think that this might be one of the best games I’ve played this year.

Dammit, for some reason (level 20) it just now decided I can no longer bind S to anything, which is pretty much a gamebreaker for me, as I use X for backwards and S to crouch, and there’s a lot of crouching in 2077.

I just hit the DLC invite during my replay. It’s good stuff!

Speaking of the DLC, what are people’s thoughts on it? Well worth the $30 or not? I have heard some reports that its rather small.

It was the best game I played in 2020 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Depends on whether you consider 30 hours small (including side stuff).
As for quality, I am reading it is comparable to Hearts of Stone but I haven’t deeply delved in myself yet.

20-30 hours of well curated content for 30 bucks? While I haven’t finished it yet I would be shocked if I didn’t think it was worth the price.

“Small” isn’t the term I’d use. It’s a fully realized zone of Night City, with a new faction, new gigs, new items, and hella cool level design and atmosphere. New mechanics too, like the air drops (a la Far Cry, but imitation and flattery y’know). Very much one of the best DLCs since, well, maybe the ones in The Witcher 3.

Well worth the money. The ability to start new characters at level 15 is almost worth it alone lol. It’s great DLC, would be a stand alone game worth 50 bucks coming from anyone else probably.

I’m torn because I really didn’t like the original game. I started over and am about to do the Heist but I have like zero impetus to play.

Better gameplay is good and all, but I just loathed the story and lack of choices and the idea of playing it again isn’t grabbing me. Eventually I’ll be OP since that’s how these games tend to work so the gameplay will be boring as well at that point.

Lots of people are big on the DLC, but they also generally enjoyed the OG story, so it’s hard to trust their opinions.

Edit: Basically the reason most people hated CP2077 is the bugs and whatnot. The reason I hated it is that the story was ass and had almost no interactivity. But it seems everyone was mostly fine with that and I was the outlier?

So far I’m doing okay with the game (only played a couple hours) but the dialogue is pretty irritating. And after playing with a silent protagonist for the last couple months, it’s pretty jarring to hear female V with only one attitude (aggressive) at all times.

Yeah, the VO’s both are… not great to me. It feels… contrived? I don’t know if I have a word for it.
It just feels off and always has.

Did they do away with clothing mods?

Because I had a bunch of neat stuff, and none of them seem to have mod slots anymore…



:( :(:(

They pretty stripped out the attributes and mods out of clothes. That way you can dress however you want to fit your style, not your style fitting whatever the best clothes for that option were.

That’s what the clothing appearance slots were for though? Whole side hustle game to unlock all the styles.

You aren’t wrong, though I love the game in most respects, and can tolerate the story. There are, for me, some fundamental problems with the main story, mostly around the concept of time and the lack of player agency.

In the micro sense, you have tons of agency. You can do damn near anything, for as long as you want. That though clashes powerfully with the main story’s key point, the ticking time bomb in your head and the need to find a solution, fast. In addition, the main quest lines all feature events that are, in terms of the game’s story arc, very much time-specific. Things are going to happen, in the game world’s narrative at least, at a certain time no matter what. But you, as the player, can galivant all over the place taking as much time as you like to level up and shiv scabs to your heart’s content. Everything will hold in place until you trigger it.

The DLC, which is fabulous I think, certainly does not help in this respect. In this run I took off for Dogtown before doing the parade thing, and before the op with Panam to secure the VIP dude. I can spend as much time as I want tooling around playing street vigilante/rogue catburglar and…everything waits for me.

Now, this is great from a pure gameplay perspective. I hate games where they make me rush through cool stuff to meet the narrative time line. OTOH, the way this game handles this is really weird, because it undermines the drama and pathos that the main story can sometimes generate.

And we aren’t even getting to the fact that no matter what you do all it really does is give you a choice of how to die/cease to exist/whatever, not a chance to actually “win.” While a novel or a film I think can pull that off, with the emotional impact of a doomed character, games are much harder arenas for that sort of story telling IMO.

However, I gotta say, the gameplay here is so good and the environments are so good that it’s worth just hand-waving the story stuff away.

I thought my graphics settings were fine until I started the DLC. In the three years intervening I think CDPR must have assumed higher GPU specs because my card is getting straight murdered. I’ve had to drop path tracing.

I think it also hurts that I truly hate both the V voice actors.

Male V is just… bad.
Female V is sounds… fake?

And I have to listen to them constantly.
I think I might just do another Elden Ring run, cause I’m at The Heist and just listening to V talk is already grating on me.