Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

The first time around, I liked the CP2077 main quest and the high effort side content, but did not engage that much with the smaller stuff. While the dissonance between the story’s urgency without any game mechanism for enforcing the urgency is a fair criticism, in a non-completionist run the pacing actually felt pretty good. There’s enough forced idle time between main quests that you can do side stuff without feeling guilty about wasting time :)

I was really into the story for most of that playthrough, but after the final run and the ending I straight out loved it. The emotional beats throughout the story were more effective than any other game I’ve played. There might be a handful of non-games media that have hit as hard, but it’s still up there in that comparison as well. Part of it is that it’s the kind of story games just don’t usually tell, part of it is how immersive the Cyberpunk is (or at least how immersed I was in the game on that playthrough; late 2020 was a strange time).

Which isn’t to say that you or ShivaX are wrong, these are all just opinions, it’s just that the story happened to work incredibly well for me.

Since both my weapons and my clothing have been nerfed, I decided to look into upping my cyber capability.

I scrolled over my Quickhacks in either my inventory or crafting menus, and I get a couple that say “None” in the description.


Oh no, by no means am I even right. It’s definitely a personal thing that I accept I’m probably in the minority on.

I didn’t even really hate the ending as much as a lot of people did and I got a shitty depressing one.

No, I definitely get you. I found that at times the story was very effective, and emotionally meaningful. It was just inconsistently so, for me. It’s not that the jarring disconnects between supposed urgency and actual leisurely dawdling are fatal to the story. It’s just that they keep it from being a really coherent, tight experience, at least for me.

Luckily, I play games like this for systems and frameworks, and while narrative story telling can be one of those frameworks, I’m perfectly happy with progression, leveling, and getting more loot to kill more bad guys too.

I actually like most of the voice work, and female V, while a bit monochromatic at times, is better I think than male V, though both are worse IMO than some of the supporting cast. The story beats from some of the substantial side missions are also very well executed. It’s only when the developers attempt to weave it all together that the rough spots and duct tape start to show. Which is understandable, given what CD Project Red are doing here. It’s very ambitious, and ultimately I think rather successful, if flawed.

Some of the old gear is a bit broken with the new systems. Try unequipping stuff. You might not be able to re-equip it due to level requirements.

Game just started crashing on me…can’t get past the loading screens. Tried a fresh install, nothing seems to work. Was there any kind of update today?

Judy and some of the other characters are just stellar voice performances. Female V is good but not as good as FemShep or Kassandra.

The Panam actress is great, too. But female V? Well, they should have gotten the Panam actress for female V.

This is why you need to play once as BroV and once as FemV (dealer’s choice of actual genitalia!) - to woo each of these wonderful characters.

I will say the storyline in the DLC is pretty solid, and integrates fairly well with the overall arc.

One thing that is still wonky of course is the chronology of things. You usually have simultaneous missions that each are supposedly time critical but which can be put on hold indefinitely as you swap from one to another. And of course you don’t have the option of telling people hold on, one at a time!

Honestly? After my fourth time running her mission, I liker her performance in some parts the least. It’s like she had too much coffee (and perhaps some drugs) when she calls you. Still mostly alright, but some parts stick out like a sore thumb.

I really like the animations for NPCs in this game.
They’re varied and realistic, with them leaning on walls, sprawled out over staircases, kneeling, sitting in different positions. It highlights how little Bethesda have evolved their style.

Starfield looks good overall, the best their games have looked, but NPCs look so stiff and lifeless in comparison to this.

I’m having fun but I still don’t understand cyberpsycho / boss enemies. I’ve had to cheese both of the ones I defeated. It took nearly all the ammunition I had. That doesn’t seem normal.

Honestly almost all the supporting characters are pretty great. Which makes V stand out more to me.

Huh. I am playing female V in this 2nd playthrough for the DLC. I think the V actress is pretty good. At least much more engaging than male V. I certainly don’t prefer the Panam voice actor, although she also put in a good performance. To each their own.

I do love having Idris Elba thus far in the early stages of the DLC. Keanu, much as I and everyone loves him… well it’s a good thing his Silverhand character is flat and unemotional.

Finished Phantom Liberty tonight. Interesting if fairly well-telegraphed choice to make, though next time i of course will try the one I didn’t choose.

Voice acting was good, as good as the rest of the game. It sounded to me like some people who voiced characters in the main game may have also voiced characters in the DLC, but that could just be my own weird hearing.

Integration of the DLC stuff into the main game is pretty good, given that nothing is going to be perfect in a case like this. The level scaling introduced with 2.0, though, really changes the game feel. Using the new vulnerabilities system and optimizing for things like head shots is really important now, as the bad guys routinely sport skulls over their heads and are sort of spongy unless you get crits.

The iconic weapons in the DLC seem pretty heavy into pistols, which is fine for my character this time but might be a bit iffy for others. Unless they are random or keyed to your choices, or something, but it doesn’t seem that way.

You definitely learn more of the backstory and the lore of the game world, and even after the denouement of the DLC itself, there are callbacks to the events as you do other stuff. It does make some of the main game things I’ve already done a billion times feel a tad familiar, but not in any really bad way.

Overall, at this point this is one helluva game.

I’ve only had to cheese one guy with the shield, everyone else folded in like 3-4 seconds on very hard. If you’re primarily specced for guns, are you using Sandevistan?

No. Do you do thousands of damage per second? They seem to have 10k+ HP.

Yes, I typically chain two cyberware malfunctions, cripple movement, maybe weapon glitch, overheat and then then unload with the shock change SMG or just short circuit once or twice.

Ah, that’s a lot more than “use a Sandevistan.” I’ll look out for opportunities to optimize what I’m doing. At the moment those enemies seem out of reach.