Cyberpunk Edgerunners - What's up, choom? Netflix anime

Yes, it’s the anime series from Netflix and Trigger based on the CDPR game. I think most people figured it would be a quickie cash-in licensed show/commercial, but reviews are coming in and it seems to be getting some really good press.

Trailers may be NSFW:

Saw the first 4 episodes yesterday (which felt like it’s own mini-arc).

I’m impressed. Writing is good and animation is gorgeous.

Saw the first two this morning. Surprised by how good it is! Gorgeous animation. Story a little basic so far, but looking forward to seeing where it goes.

I will copy what I said in the anime thread:

Cyberpunk Edgerunners 1-2

Right now I have seen until episode 5 and it continues being good. which is promising, Trigger shows tend to deflate after the start. They make a decent good in setting up the gang in episode 3 and 4, and in episode 5 and 6 we start having the danger of cyberpsicosis which always loom over the characters.

I watched the first two episodes on my phone, so maybe that was the problem, but trying to watch subtitled Japanese was almost impossible because when they went to phone calls (or whatever they are in the Cyberpunk world) instead of the “normal” subtitles it went to on-screen UI for the calls that was straight out of the game—which was much too small and too fast to read comfortably.

The English dub seems okay for me though.

I’m sorry but…


This is just dumb.

It reminded me a little of “Goku Midnight Eye”

I finished the series. It’s not stellar, but better than average for Netflix.

You mean sick.

I’m watching EP1 at work right now as my boss just left. I was hoping for something that would impress me like Arcane but so far, it’s “ok”. Hope for more after this setup episode.

Edit: Well, watched the 2nd half of that first EP…wow, poor David…now I am more interested.

I want to watch Silent Moebius now.

Why can I not watch this? Searching for Edgerunners on Netflix’s site gets zero hits. Searching on Google takes me to the Edgerunners page on Netflix, but I cannot play it, only select “Remind me.” WTF? I’m in the US.

I don’t understand this at all.

Yea, that’s odd. I just googled it and it brought up my Netflix with the Play button there…strange

I tried two separate browsers. I can watch other stuff, like Altered Carbon. This is fucked.

Try searching cyberpunk.

… And now it’s working. I did NOTHING. WTEF.

Mandala effect. You were briefly in a universe where the show was called Syberpunck.

3 episodes in and this is alot of fun. Between this and the Witcher cartoon, really enjoying the animated game tie-ins that netflix has been doing lately!

Just finished it. I liked it more than Gurran Lagan but not as much as Kill la Kill. It felt like it needed at least two more episodes to breathe and fill out the characters and prevent the ending feeling rushed.

Can’t believe CD Projekt wanted to axe 'Becca because of her model. “We’re having a moment here!” was absolutely perfect and all the reason I needed for her character to exist.

I’m watching it pretty slowly, I’m in Episode 7 right now. Episode 6 was a key one, it’s when things start to get serious, intense, and sad. Not only the story is getting good, the direction for the episode was excellent, heightening the experience up for the audience.

Doesn’t surprise me. While I’m loving it (watched 6 episodes so far) it’s very short for an anime. Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagan are standard 26 episodes shows. This is less than half. And it’s very plot heavy on top of that.

There’s basically no room for filler, but filler in anime helps develop characters and relationships, and give breathing space so things land.