Cynical 7, A sassy RPG I made inspired by 2 years of depression and my anti-social nature :O


Thanks Scott, I like that you guys are protective, I’m probably way behind on friend making and bridge building but the whole experience of making this game has sort of given me this no time is too late kind of attitude, I do expect to be met with some resistance, I’ve been on the side of someone sending me a DM with a game link with no context or no prior conversation, it’s the worst, that’s why I come bearing screen shots, demo links, and open arms :D


Some free feedback:

I like your pixel art style. Is clear, pretty and funny. The animations are good, from all I can see, but I am not a expert. I like the color palette. I can’t comment on the humour, but thats highly subjective. It looks funny.


Well, you bothered to set up an avatar, so you’re streets ahead of some of these guys! :)


Does it have a lava level? I love lava levels.


Fuck you; water levels are superior

(we are here to protect you)


thanks, I’d never worked on something like this before, I know it isn’t the flashiest and it’s hard to stand toe to toe with some of the stuff these other guys are doing, but at least my stuff is uniform and feels all in place right? :P that was pretty refreshing, usually when I hear “some free feedback” I’m already bracing myself for the negatives >.> also what are the rules for double posting here? I wanna reply to you all but like, I don’t wanna be… that guy.


nope, but it does feature the progressive meltdown of your sense of identity if that counts? also, i’m so gonna go browse some of these other treads here now, i like you guys!


Oh god now he’s never gonna leave. Someone fold out the Murphy bed.


One of you just had to feed him, didn’t you? Yeah, sure, they’re all cute and stuff when they’re little and the way they cuddle up to you is so adorable, but now yeah when they get all neckbeardy and start talking about chogglepants and don’t post .gifs in the .gif thread then you’ll see just how fuckin cute it is


Do you have any expensive, exclusive content I can purchase right now that I can’t do anything with and serves purely as a method to move cash from me to you?


Also, if you have any jpegs of really awesome looking spaceships that you can sell at outrageous prices, folks around here seem to be really into that. Hey, don’t look at me, I don’t get it either.


… iiiiii’m gonna assume this is some kind of a Battlefront reference, I might get stoned and my welcoming retracted for this BUT I’ve never been big on Star Wars, but you have to be living under a hole if you haven’t heard about this. But to answer your questions yes, give me $80 dollars and I’m sure I can give you a better feeling of accomplishment than handing your money over to EA. Need proof? Uh, I’m much poorer than EA and at least I’m giving you the full satisfaction of offsetting that without you having to by my appreciation of your free money through a series of loot boxes.


The floor is lava. The floor is always lava.


All right, our new best friend pm’ed me to let us know he seems to have hit a forum limit on posts for his first day or something, but he’ll be back tomorrow to tell you all how awesome I am.


He was coming off a bit on the manic side anyway. Some artificial calm could be just what’s needed. : )

Anyway, the game looks interesting, hope it gets finished & up for sale soon. And I don’t really mind an enthusiastic “look at my cool thing” thread.


They’re better from actual forum members though.


It’s a Star Citizen reference. If you stay here you have about 10 years worth of references to catch up on.

Since you are self-admittedly socially awkward, let me point out your mistake here.

You worked on this game, you want to push it and have people buy it so it didn’t feel like you wasted your time, and you are proud of it, and there is nothing wrong with selling a game, right? And a free way to do that, since you don’t have much of a marketing budget, is to go on forums and pitch it.

This may work on reddit where you can pay to have posts highlighted, and there is so much noise and so many people. But it wont’ work on small communities like this one. This community is like the anti-reddit. It’s a bunch of the most serious, demanding, jaded and war-weary gamers you will ever see. We’ve seen it all, we’ve done it all, we’ve worked at those companies, played that games, investigated that genre, made fun of that developer, and our memory is like a dragon … ancient. We still make John Romero Daikatana jokes here, dammit.

The way to get into a community like that requires a little work. Allow us to get to know you by posting thoughtful and timely things in other threads. Participate. Unless you are a total troll you will be accepted with open arms but only if you put in the social work. You need to establish this thing we call “rapport”. It’s the feel of acceptance you get in social interactions.

A drive by “check out my game” post from a random stranger, no matter how cool he says he is, isn’t gonna work here. If you want us to check out your game, put in the time to get to know us. And probably ask Tom’s permission first via PM or email. This is more or less Tom Chick’s living room. Hell, a lot of us here have actually BEEN in Tom’s living room (me included).




Right but you could have participated a little for a week or something, then dropped the game reference. It feels weird to come in day one, hour one and immediately be like

HEY GUYZZZzz MAH GAME, also btw I am here to meet new friends hugz everyone!

You could have at least bought us dinner and a movie first.