Wondering if anyone here caught this film from 2002 by the director of Cube? I know many fans of his original work didn’t like it because Cube leaves the ending so open, while Cypher wraps it all up.

Frankly, it’s my favourite film of all time. Jeremy Northam is just superb, in this film, and the soundtrack is absolutely awesome and it angers me to this day that I can’t locate a copy.

I can’t really say too much without giving anything away, it’s really a film you’re best off seeing without knowing too much. A character driven sci-fi, rather like Gattaca, but with a sense of mystery to it and a sinister edge.

But really, I don’t see it when I search this forum, so I wonder what others thought of a film I think of as being under-appreciated.

Just netflixed this one based entirely on description alone and was pleasantly surprised. Lots of enjoyable twists and turns throughout. I was unaware it was the same director that did Cube. He needs to do more Sci-fi thrillers.

I loved Cube. I will definitely be checking this out and will report back with the verdict. Thanks for the necro.

It looks good, and you know it is good sci-fi when all the characters have unbelievably phony sounding names.

I caught this tonight. It’s a lot of style, and the opening sequence will leave your eyes rolling. Ok, guy gets in a business to get a job and they explain that right off the bat he will be doing espionage, and collecting information on their competitor. Right, like anyone will ever go to a job interview telling them that.

But, it’s actually explained almost near the end of the movie which actually ties it together fairly well.

Still, the matrix reference was a little too much and ffs, no computer looks like that and the door eight feet off the ground, just so we can see stairs that elevate at just the right time are all things that could have been left out.

Overall, a decent flick.

I’m not clear. This wraps up the Cube? Or it is independent and shows that the filmmaker can wrap things up?

Same director as Cube, but in no way related to the story. Cube had an open ending, Cypher has closure.

IMO, Cypher is the better film.

Cube was great. It was never about figuring out where the cube came from, who was behind it all, etc, it was about the people and the simple human nature of the need to explore, question, and keep moving – if they had just all stayed calmly in the initial room, they would have would have all gotten out alive.

That was the point of the movie. Human nature defeated them, not the cube. Which is why Cube Zero got the formula so completely and utterly wrong. It tried to explain things. It became about the cube and not the people. Even Hypercube somewhat understood what the intention of the original film was.

Definitely going to check Cypher out now.

Saw Cypher. Excellent film. Did I sense a bit of neo-noir in there? The camera angles, the sets, the characterization… spectacular. Lucy Liu had a few moments of bad acting but the film overall, as it stands, was… well not better than Splinter, which are totally different genres, but damn. It was good. And that’s all I have to say.

I would have enjoyed this much more if I hadn’t seen the main twist coming a mile away. For awhile, I was hoping that it would then pleasantly surprise me by untwisting by the expected twist not happening, but the expository cab ride out to the vault shot that hope to pieces, by not only telegraphing the form of the twist, but the specifics of it. From then on, getting to the end credits was just a drag.

I watched this last week and I was not terribly impressed save for a couple of scenes. It’s a nice-looking movie, and there’s a terrific bit that takes place during a business conference that I won’t spoil, but otherwise it felt like high school sophomore’s attempt at writing a Philip K. Dick story.